QDRO Service In Pasadena CA _ Divorce Qualified Domestic Relations Order

QDRO Service In Pasadena CA _ Divorce Qualified Domestic Relations Order

We’re a full service Divorce Paralegal Firm specializing in Divorce in California.

And we’re talking to the folks in Pasadena who are going to the Pasadena Court, so, if you’re in the Pasadena Courts jurisdiction area, this video is for you.

And we’re talking specifically about QDRO Qualified Domestic Relations Order. So I’m just going to talk about it briefly.

This is a service we provide which a lot people are looking for assistance and preparing their QDRO. So let left just tell you what this is.

If you have a pension and its going to be divided, and we’re talking about almost all pension systems: 401K, 403 (b), your PERS and STRS for police and teachers, fire, all of these different types of pension if you have an employer based pension or 401K or some type of employee contribution system or employer contribution, they’re going to divide that pension as a part of your Divorce.

It’s going to in most cases 99% of the times is going to require a QDRO. A QDRO again is Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

It’s a special instrument that divides the pension up. We do that as a service.

We can help you prepare your QDRO if you use this for your Divorce. We also prepare the QDRO for our clients and non-clients.

So if you happen to have an attorney and that you now need a QDRO, completely, we can take care of that for you.

If you’re going through Divorce and if you haven’t finished yet, give us a call.

We can probably help clean up and wrap up the remainder of your Divorce case for a flat fee. And we can also do your QDRO if you have a pension that needs division.

So if you’re in Pasadena and you have to Divorce and you need to have a QDRO prepared, give us a call. We’ll talk about the cost and so forth and let you know the timeframes in doing such.

It can be done parallel to the Divorce. It could be done after the Divorce in most cases because it does take some time for the QDRO and the pension company to get that completed.

Probably you want to start it relatively soon after starting your Divorce case instead of letting it wait until the end or after Divorce is finalized.

I hope the information is helpful about QDRO preparation for folks in the Pasadena area.

Feel free to give me a call so we can talk about your circumstances.