Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Paralegal Firm In California

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Paralegal Firm In California

Hi! This is Tim Blankenship, owner of SCV Legal Doc Assist. We’re a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm specializing in Divorce in California.

But today, I want to talk to you about the importance of doing a good job in investigating the company that you’re considering hiring to help you with your divorce, whether it be an attorney or paralegal firm or someone like us who is a licensed and bonded legal document preparation company.

I had a new client call from the San Diego area, and she was really asking some good questions, tough questions. Questions I appreciate her asking, as far as: “Are we licensed?”, “Are we bonded?”, “How long have we been doing this?”

She really wanted to know before she handed over her money by making sure that we are a legitimate company and going to get the job done and not going to take her money and run. And I told her that very, very few people do that and I wish more people did.

There are numerous companies out there in the LA area who are providing divorce services or document prep calling themselves Paralegals, who should not be in the business, they are conducting their business illegally.

They are not doing a good job; in fact, much of my business comes from people who paid money to a company who said they would provide a document preparation service for them for their divorce, and, you know, completely screwed it up, or just dropped the ball and left them entirely hanging, started the process and then went out of business.

So, I much prefer that people don’t get taken advantage of. Do your homework. Do the reviews. I wrote an article in our blog on that you can read about some suggestions in looking up the company you’re going to hire.

I personally know that we’re the only licensed and bonded legal document assistance company in Santa Clarita. I know we’re the only one that specializes in divorce in all of Los Angeles County. No one knows this business better than we do.

So, if you’re working with someone else, chances are, it’s not going to be a legitimate company, so you really need to do your homework on them. Some of these companies don’t even have physical addresses. They’re doing this at their home – things of that nature.

So, here are the suggestions that I gave on my blog about what you can do: Google the name of the person who owns the company and see what comes up. My name is Tim Blankenship. I’m in Santa Clarita. You put those two terms together and you can see all of the articles I wrote. You can find reviews, things people said about us..

Google the company name. Our business name is SCV Legal Doc Assist and you’ll see reviews, I think Yelp comes up first. You can see all the different articles about our company. Check third party review sites like I just mentioned: Yelp!

Those are good sites because these are folks that have gone in after doing business with us. Have their review on us to say if we did good, bad or indifferent. You know, these are folks that took the time to write an article.

Fortunately, we have very happy clients; we have all five stars on Yelp!. So, just do your due diligence before hiring a company and giving your money away. I really hate to find people that call me after getting taken.

I guess you can say from another company you’re wasting your money before coming to us and really kind of put a dark shadow on this industry in general and I have to deal with the aftermath because there are people out there that shouldn’t be doing this and are taking advantage of folks.

So, be very careful before you hire someone. Call, ask the tough questions. Do a lot of research, read our blog, read articles. Every blog post, every video and everything I talk about is based on experience. I’m not making any of this up; it’s either based on client experience, my experience on the courts, law firms and self-help centers.

If you have any questions, if you want to ask me about a company you might decide to use or share your stories with me, I’m talking to people all the time with, we’ll take you by your company and had a bad experience. Unfortunately, I get a lot of my business after they have been taken by some other company.

So, give me a call if you have any questions.