San Fernando Court QDRO Preparation Service | Qualified Domestic Relations Order

San Fernando Court QDRO Preparation Service | Qualified Domestic Relations Order

Today, we’re talking about QDRO which is Qualified Domestic Relation Orders. And QDRO for folks who are going through Divorce or had their Divorce case processed at the San Fernando Courthouse.

So San Fernando QDRO is the name of this video.

And if you have a pension and you’re going through a Divorce or you’re going to get a Divorce or perhaps you’re using our service for your Divorce, if you have property and in that property is a pension 401K 403 (b), City County or State pension something like that in most cases if you’re going to divide that property, so, if you and your spouse are going to split that assets it needs to redone by what’s called QDRO.

That’s Q-D-R-O again Qualified Domestic Relations Order. The reason why I bring this up is that this is a service that we provide.

It does not have to be done by an attorney. Most people will tell you, you need to find a QDRO attorney but it’s not the case.

We are as a Legal Document Firm we do handle QDRO. We handle Divorce cases of course because QDRO falls under the umbrella of family law.

We also handle the preparation of Qualified Domestic Relation Orders.

So whether you’re using an attorney or you’ve done your own Divorce or you use our service, once your case is complete or somewhere during the Divorce process if you’re going to divide that pension if that’s the determination you may.

You’re going to have to do that by QDRO in most cases. So what I recommend you to do is call your 401K and let them know you’re going through Divorce and ask them, “Do I need to divide this pension by QDRO?”

If they say yes, you can ask them for a QDRO package. It’ll be helpful. We will need that when we go to complete your QDRO.

If you didn’t get it we can ask them for ourselves. But if you happened to speak to them to confirm you do need to have a Qualified Domestic Relation Order for that asset, you can ask them for the QDRO package you will need that to get your QDRO prep.

So I just want to let the folks know who have used our service or otherwise we do QDRO Preparation Service anywhere in California.

If you need that service we do it for a much lower rate than attorneys do it. For the QDRO can range anywhere as high as $2,000 to have an attorney prepare your QDRO.

And we charge a low flat fee much lower than that depending on the type of pension system it is.

Feel free to give me a call. I’ll be happy to give an estimated quote for QDRO Prep service for your Divorce.

And this was a video we did specifically for San Fernando Courthouse if you’re going through Divorce and you need a QDRO, please give us a call.

I’ll be happy to take care of that for you. 661-281-0266.

Go ahead and give me a call. I’ll be happy to help you out.