Are San Fernando Divorce Cases Moving To Chatsworth Court

Are San Fernando Divorce Cases Moving To Chatsworth Court

Today, we’re reporting on a rumor. A pretty valid rumor I would say based on where the information was given.

And that is that the San Fernando Court is going to transfer their divorce cases to Chatsworth.

Now if you’ve been keeping up on things the courts in LA County have been moving a lot of things around.

For instance Burbank cases now go to Pasadena. There are been some court closures and a lot of shifts. Chatsworth court started off as a traffic court.

And now they have all manner of things being heard at the Chatsworth court. So the rumor is that the San Fernando courts divorce cases, family law cases are going to be moving to Chatsworth.

Now it has not been established. I was down at the San Fernando Courthouse last week and one of the court employees indicated that the cases would be moving to San Fernando.

So we’ll see. I had searched on the internet. I didn’t find any indication from the sphericalwebsite or otherwise that indicates there has been any discussion of moving anything from San Fernando to Chatsworth.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if they did do something like that because there’s been a lot of movement within the courts.

And not to mention the San Fernando Courthouse is so busy. They have so many delays. Were talking 60 days to get a court dates.

We’re talking about paperwork and when you submit judgments it’s taking 3-4-5-6 months in some cases to be reviewed and approved.

And they see that the San Fernando Court is one of the busiest branch courts of the Los Angeles County courts.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case. I’ll let you know further when I learn more if there is anything going on as far as cases had been moving from San Fernando to Chatsworth.

And again, we see this happened quite a bit with courts closing with them shifting cases.

It will be interesting to see how they do this, if they simply take everyone in the jurisdiction of the San Fernando Court and send them to Chatsworth or if they divide up their jurisdiction their area in to zip codes.

Maybe some zip codes will go to Van Nuys. Some will go to Chatsworth. Maybe some will go to Pasadena.

So they’re going to have to divide that up otherwise they’re going to have the entirety of the San Fernando divorce cases going to Chatsworth which will include the Santa Clarita Valley as well.

So stay tune for more of that. I’ll let you know as soon as I know more if the San Fernando court cases are going to Chatsworth.

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