San Fernando Divorce Court Self Help Center Alternative

San Fernando Divorce Court Self Help Center Alternative

Today, I wanted to provide this video for folks who are considering processing their own Divorce kind of talk to you about some of the uphill battles you’re going to face.

Explain a bit of the process and then kind of give you an alternative to using the San Fernando Divorce Self Help Center.

So family law is one of those original laws where you can complete your own case. If you’re going through an amicable case you can do all the paperwork on your own.

You can get the forms online. You can pay for online services. You can even go down to the San Fernando Divorce Court Self Help Center and get free assistance.

Now all of that is fine and well and it sounds great “Hey, you can get through your Divorce for free.”

But it doesn’t come without a bit of a complication. And I want to explain that to you so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

The Divorce Self Help Center in the San Fernando Courthouse is extremely busy. They usually can usually help between 10 and 15 people per day.

And you’re not going to get your entire Divorce case done in a day. You’re going to have to do this in steps.

So what happens is folks that are working routinely will miss several days of work going down to the courthouse, dealing with parking issues, dealing with waiting in long lines and then sometimes going down there and not even being assisted on that particular day.

So it could be quite lengthy and quite frustrating for folks.

Now I know this because number one years ago before I even got into this industry, I worked at the Self Help Centers as a volunteer.

And we’d see droves of people coming in each and everyday and we can’t just get everyone. And the help they get is usually minimal.

You’re being helped by volunteers who’d know or maybe had at least another day of experience more than you.

So that’s the unfortunate part there. But the main consideration is that it’s very time consuming to attempt to do your own Divorce case.

So here is what I tell folks. If you are unemployed and don’t have an income and you have all the time in the world to go down and spend days on there at the courthouse, then by all means it might be your best option.

I get calls everyday from people who have been to the San Fernando Divorce Court Self Help Center and they’d literally walk in and turn around and walked out.

They saw what a mess it can be. And it’s just confusing that you’d get limited assistance there.

Why do I bring this up to you is because when people call they’ve even been there once then they got help with their case and tried to complete their case with the San Fernando Courthouse and were unsuccessful mostly because they don’t have the time to commit getting down there.

What we’ve tell you is that on an alternative to doing that if you can’t miss work and if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money we can assist you with your entire divorce from start to finish.

We take care of all the paperwork. We deal with the court for you so you don’t have to go down there.

We’ll take care of filing the paperwork. We’ll take care of all the financial disclosures.

So everything that has to deal with divorce including putting together your final agreements, we’ll take care for you.

You don’t have to deal with you figuring out your alimony, your child support if that’s an issue because we have all the software and the court forms that attorneys have and the courts have.

So give us a call. I’d love to help you, no matter, if you’ve got your case started with the Self Help Center in San Fernando or not.

Or you’re considering using them or you just need assistance in general. Or even if you had an attorney you can no longer afford them or realizes it’s not necessary, give us a call I’d be happy to see where your cases at and help you finish that off.

We’ll talk to you soon.