Legal Description Of Property Required On Divorce Judgment |


Legal Description Of Property Required On Divorce Judgment

Tim Blankenship here with and what we’re talking about in this video is legal descriptions for real property.

So were talking about your home, condo, any real property asset that you own.

So when going through a divorce in California, when you submit your judgment to the court and you indicate, for instance, you’re keeping 100% of real property at 123 Main Street. Or,  house will be divided equally or house will be sold and proceeds divided equally.

If you list any type of real property the legal description of property is required on the divorce judgment.

So if it’s your home, obviously you can just get a copy of your deed, make a copy of that, and you will attach that behind the property order as a court will require that to be there to list the legal description

If you turn it in without the legal description, your judgment will be rejected.