Santa Clarita Divorce Legal Document Service

Santa Clarita Divorce Legal Document Service

Hi, my name is Tim Blankenship with

Today, we’re talking about legal document preparation, legal document assistant, and what that means.

We’re a legal document preparation firm. By law we are licensed and bonded to prepare legal documents, and we just happen to specialize in divorce.

You may know us as paralegals, that is what our independent paralegals, that’s what most people are searching for on the internet but technically we are not allowed to call ourselves that but we do some marketing as divorce paralegals cause the majority of folks know that they’re looking for a paralegal when they’re trying to find a more affordable approach to divorce.

But legal document preparation, LDA as it’s know is what we are, essentially we are licensed and bonded to work directly with the public, we don’t  have to have an attorney in our office, essentially the county licensed us to work directly with you without attorney supervision. And then in return we are able to have a more affordable pricing.

Paralegals –just kind of giving you a history lesson, if someone’s calling themselves a paralegal, they have to be working for an attorney, and your relationship is directly with that attorney not directly with the paralegal.

So for us, as legal document assistants, if you work with us, your relationship is directly with us no attorney supervision and thus, more affordable costs in preparing your divorce case, we have divorce prices, anywhere from $699 up, it really just depends on the amount of assistance you need, and the amount of work involved. But it doesn’t go much up from there.

If you’re looking to get through your divorce case in an affordable way, we definitely recommend out service, obviously, we can help you at any point.

We find that people call us at the very beginning, somewhere in between, maybe you got started and you’re having difficulty, we can pick up where you left off. We even have cases coming in, they’re 20 years old, and were never finished.

So wherever you’re at, we do everything there is to do with divorce, we do divorce cases, paternity cases, child custody motions, spousal support motions, custody visitation, child support – essentially everything, we do declarations, and all types of motions.

So anything you need to do in a family law of court we can help you with. What legal document assistance can’t do, what we’re prohibited from doing is providing you legal advice and going to court for you. So if don’t need those two things, there’s no need to use an attorney, even If you do have some legal questions you can get those answered online or go pay for a consultation and then come back to us and we’ll prepare the remainder of your case.

My name is Tim Blankenship, we’re headquartered in Santa Clarita, California.

Please feel free to give us a call, we do offer free consultations, the number is 661-281-0266, and thanks for reading!