Santa Clarita Divorce Mediator Lisa Scholz | 661-481-2202

Santa Clarita Divorce Mediator Lisa Scholz

In this video we  talk to Santa Clarita divorce mediator, Lisa Scholz, is a local Santa Clarita resident who specializes in divorce mediation in Santa Clarita.  If you are considering getting a divorce in Santa Clarita, we can certainly help you with the document preparation service and if you need assistance with the divorce agreements, Santa Clarita mediation is a great option.

Below you will find the transcription of the video.

Tim: I’m so excited to find you because I had nowhere to send folks that need mediation services. I was to send them out of town.

Lisa: Yes. It’s nice to keep things in and about.

Tim: It is. So why don’t you one last time Lisa Scholz in your website and where is the best way they can contact you?

Lisa: Well, okay, well I have a business phone number. I have an office on Magic Mountain, Parkway.

And my business phone number is 661-481-2202. And they can reach me no matter where I am.

And my email address or my website is and I’m combining everything. So that is –

Tim: And your email is


Tim: .com

Lisa: So yes, it’s easy because my name is in everything.

Tim: Yes.

Lisa: And like I said I check my emails every evening. And it’s on your schedule. So—

Tim: Free consultations.

Lisa: Yes!

Tim: You got to take advantage of that and make sure to give her a call. And definitely I’ve already sent some clients through your way. I don’t know if you got any calls or not?

Lisa: I’ve gotten a couple and like I said I check my emails

Tim: Yes.

Lisa: It was in the evenings so it’s just —

Tim: Very good and that helps my business. If I with confidence can get people and they say, ‘Tim, we have no agreements at all. We have no agreements. Can we use your service?’

‘Yes, because I can refer you at to mediation.’

Lisa: Yes, to get those agreements.

Tim: To get those agreements.

Lisa: Perfect!

Tim: And that’s a beautiful thing.

Lisa: Good!

Tom: We also give free consultations. Give us a call and we’ll let you know if you’re a good fit for our service.

You can call Lisa if you have questions about Mediation. Other than that is my website.

We’re on YouTube. We have silver outlets, live podcast and broadcasting just trying to get that—

Lisa: Great, I like all those stuff.

Tim: All these informations out there to folks and kind of pull the curtain back on how Divorce works here in California.

Lisa: Good.

Tim: So thanks so much for coming.

Lisa: Thanks for having me.

Tim: Alright!