Santa Clarita Divorce Rates Rise As Economy Improves

Santa Clarita Divorce Rates Rise As Economy Improves

In a recent article in Bloomberg, it was reported that there is a worsening U.S. divorce rate due to an improving economy.  Basically, people did not have enough money to divorce during the time the economy was not so good.

In the U.S. during the recession (that they claim ended in June 2009) they stated that there was a 40 year low in divorce cases which was down as much as a third.  Between 2009 and 2012 people getting a divorce in the U.S. rose three years in a row to 2.4 million.  So there is a direct correlation between income and people filing for divorce.

Essentially, what this article points to is that people will avoid getting a divorce for financial reasons.  And I can tell you, without a doubt, that many of my clients going through divorce in Santa Clarita don’t file for divorce specifically because of money concerns.

In fact, most of my clients who filed for divorce and are in the middle of their divorce continue to live together during the entire divorce process simply for financial reasons.

This is so much the case, that people, in some cases, even wait until their tax return is filed.  Every year, I get many clients who call me in December, telling me that they will be filing in February after they have filed their tax return.

I guess so many of us are living paycheck to paycheck!!

Of course, Santa Clarita home prices have a lot do with an improving economy and we have certainly seen an uptick in pricing in Santa Clarita over the last few years. Almost seems that they are back to their pre-recession highs.

In any event, we are definitley seeing more divorce cases being filed now as opposed to the recession period.  I know that a lot of people are using our Santa Clarita Divorce Service, due to the extreme value we provide.

We can do just about everything a divorce lawyer in Santa Clarita can do.  The only exclusions are that we don’t give legal advice and we don’t represent you in court.  The idea being that you are trying to work through your divorce on your own and attempt to come to an agreement.

You can find the original Bloomberg Article Here.