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Santa Clarita Divorce | Santa Clarita Divorce Services

Hi, my name is Tim Blankenship with

We are licensed and bonded legal document preparation form, we specialize in divorce, essentially, we are paralegals. You probably know us as paralegals; you may have even searched for us and found us by searching for a divorce paralegal.

So I just want to talk a little bit about the Santa Clarita divorce process.

If you’re watching this you’ve obviously searched for something relevant to that.

Again, we are licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm, we specialize in divorce and we are headquartered in Santa Clarita. We can help you with your divorce case, either filing for divorce, or responding for divorce, essentially anything that has to do with divorce, custody, family in general, anything that the family court, we can handle.

Post-judgment motions, if you need to modify support, up or down, change custody visitation, basically everything we can take care of for you.

As legal document assistants we can have a direct relationship with you as opposed to a paralegal that has to work under the supervision of an attorney.

We don’t have any attorneys in our firm, we’re not required to, the county, per our bond, and our license, trust us to work directly with you, due to our experiences in the firm. So let’s talk about that a little bit our experiences.

Started off working at the self-help clinics at the San Fernando court house, did that for six months, followed by doing a two year internship with the Los Angeles superior court in the family law department, in fact I still have my certification with them to this date.

After that I’ve worked with Santa Clarita’s largest family law firm for two years, getting additional exposure.

So I have experienced both form the law firm perspective, the court perspective, and the self-help client perspective, roll  that all together and here we are today with divorce661 in Santa Clarita. Helping clients save money, get through the divorce process, paying us to help you avoid frustration doing this on your own.

This has been Tim Blankenship, we have free consultation feel free to give me a buzz 661-281-0266 and you can always get more information at our website at

Thanks for reading!