Santa Clarita Divorce : Time Is Money & Self Help Is Not Free

You are going through a Santa Clarita Divorce or anywhere in California and want to be money conscience. I get it. But, over the last few years of owning this business, I have seen people who try to do their own divorce end up spending more money and a ton more time (which also translates into dollars from lost wages)

Don’t bet me wrong, i understand wanting to save money on your divorce in Santa Clarita but you can’t do it at the expense of missing time from work at the court’s self help centers, waiting in line, and having to go down there several times only to be treated badly by the employees of the court.

I know I am not painting a rosy picture, but it is the truth. Ask anybody who has been down to the court’s self help centers and they will tell you how awful it is.

We have both a full-service and self help online divorce service so there is no reason why you can’t afford one of our services.

To check out our online self help services go to California Divorce Tutor for more information.