Santa Clarita Insurance Service Jon Gardner JSG Insurance

Santa Clarita Insurance Service Jon Gardner JSG Insurance

Tim: Hi, this is Tim Blankenship with Today, we’re talking with Jon Gardner with JSG Insurance.

Today, we’re talking about Insurance and Divorce and the various issues that need to be address when going through Divorce in California and insurance issues you should look at.

We’re going to be talking about topics on Auto, Home and Life.

So welcome, Jon, thanks for being here today.

Jon: Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

Tim: Absolutely! So why don’t we start by just introducing yourself and tell us about your company. Give us a really diverse background and recently you’ve gone out on your own.

Jon: Yes.

Tim: Since?

Jon: So, yes, I have 25 years of experience within Insurance Industry.

The first 10, 12 years, we spent working with the Insurance Company at the corporate offices like I have to run the business from the inside out.

And then I went out and became an agent for a Captive Company, so, I could only sell one insurance for one company at that point.

And a year ago, I went ahead and made the decision. And I started all over again as a Broker.

And as a Broker, now I have the opportunity to represent more than 30 different companies for my clients.

So whatever my client might need, I’m in a good position to find the right product to the right pricing in order to help them.

So with the internal experience and the different and now only my agency for close to 13 years, I’ve been in a pretty route where things are at.

Tim: That’s good.

Jon: Yes.

Tim: Everything that you generated at this point is rolling.

Jon: Right. As a Broker, I’m not beholding to anyone company. I can do what really and what’s best for my client versus what’s best for the company.

Tim: Right. And that’s how we got connected because I was looking at moving, I kind of like my annual premiums we’re doing on businesses insurance and I was just talking to folks and you’ve been out here for gosh a long time.

Jon: I’ve been out here for 13 years.

Tim: So you were able to give us some of the pricing on because of your current job. So that was—

Jon: For shopping we also found some coverages you didn’t have that were pretty important that we were able to get that for you as well.

And that’s what we tried to do is, try to do a side by side comparison. And find either a better rate for the coverage you have or better coverage for the same rate.

Tim: Right. And more importantly your price is important but so as service.

And for me that was one the most important because I was coming from which called a franchise type company.

Jon: Yes.

Tim: Is that how do you describe it?

Jon: We call it Captive Companies.

Tim: Captive Companies and they just have one product, one price and get what you get.

And with you even I think for one of my insurances like my workers camp or the price was up a little bit but to be honest with you I was willing to pay that for the level of service.

I’m just having someone local someone to call.

Jon: Right.

Tim: But additionally I think we’ll grow into that as far as —

Jon: Absolutely, you will!

Tim: That was the important that I may [inaudible 3:01] with you.

Jon: What is next to deal with somebody locally and you don’t have to call an 800 number for example

Tim: Right.

Jon: There’s somebody that cares out there. We also have staffs.

So if you called my office now and I’m here, there’ll be somebody there that could help you with 90% of what you needed as well.

So we have a pretty quick turn around. And we just want to help people in that way.

Tim: Yes, that’s great!