Santa Clarita’s Only Divorce Paralegal Firm

Santa Clarita’s Only Divorce Paralegal Firm

We are Santa Clarita’s only full service Divorce Paralegal firm in Santa Clarita. I want to tell you a little bit about our business.

As we are a full service Divorce Paralegal firm in Santa Clarita, we take care of everything from beginning to end.

This includes filing your forms for you. Meaning we actually go down the court for you and file your documents.

We prepare and fill them all out for you. We don’t give you any long questionnaires to fill out.

You’ll come to our office and we’ll do that for you. We’ll type them up right there for you while you’re sitting in front of us.

We’ll take them down to court. As I mentioned, file them. We take care of the service, the process, all of the processes and procedures that the courts require we will take care of for you.

You don’t have to worry about how to fill out the form or going down the court or wasting any of your time doing those things.

When you pay our flat affordable fee that’s what it takes care of.

Now we do everything a law firm does. Except we don’t give legal advice and we don’t represent you in court.

So being that we are a full service firm in California and here in Santa Clarita, we’ll do everything a law firm will do.

But we won’t give you legal advice and we won’t represent you in court. Those are two things that we can’t do.

Outside of that just keep in mind that 90% of the cases filed in California, do not require that of an attorney.

We are a very busy office. We have three offices in Valencia currently and helping several hundred clients per year.

And we’re just trying to get the word out that we are here to help folks in Santa Clarita going through Divorce. We’re very knowledgeable about the policies and procedures of Divorce.

We’ve worked for the court houses for Los Angeles Superior courts. We have worked for the self help clinics.

And we worked for local area Santa Clarita law firms for several years.

So we have experience coming from multiple different backgrounds like the courts, self help clinics, and a law firm.

So we have a lot of experience background dealing with Divorce. And because we are the only Divorce Paralegal firm here in Santa Clarita, we are helping hundreds and hundreds of clients every year.

So we see a lot of different scenarios. Every scenario is different. I’m sure it’s a little bit different than someone else’s we’ve helped.

I mean there are some similarities but we have a lot of experience because we handle so many cases every year.

Please give us a call. I’d love to talk to you about our service and what we can do for you.

Make sure you’re a good fit. Talk about your specific circumstances. And help you get through your Divorce affordably, quickly and with these little issues as possible.

And again we’ll take care of everything for you so you can go on with your life.

Tim Blankenship You can go to our website there for more information. We have our pricing page there.

You can also check us out on iTunes. You can go to our podcast at Divorce661 at Divorce Master Radio.

And on Thursdays, we have a live event, every Thursday at 1:00.

If you want to get more information about Divorce you can tune in to our live broadcast. And you can ask us questions. And you can get to know us more as a company here in Santa Clarita.

We have a lot going on. We’re very knowledgeable about Divorce here in Santa Clarita.

Please give us a call, the numbers on your screen. And I look forward to helping you soon.