Santa Monica Divorce Process – Santa Monica Divorce Service

Santa Monica Divorce Process – Santa Monica Divorce Service

Today we’re talking about how to file Divorce papers, how to start your Divorce in Santa Monica.

We get a lot of calls from individual Court House locations because there’s a Court House in Santa Monica.

We filled a lot of calls, basically saying, ‘Tim, how do we start the Divorce process? I saw you online. We’re interested in using your service but how does Divorce works?’

So we’re trying to answer those questions for the people going through Divorce or considering filing for Divorce in Santa Monica.

So if we look at the bare, the grass roots of things how to file for Divorce, it’s a matter of filling out a couple of forms and getting a case number issued from the court.

Specifically, we’re talking about filling out a petition, a summons. And in LA County you have what’s called a Jurisdictional Form.

And if you have children, there’s another form that you fill out for children. They want to know, where the children lives.

So it’s actually quite simple to start a Divorce case to file for Divorce. There’s very little information you need.

I’m talking about your name, your spouse’s name, where you guys live, date of marriage, date of separation, the names and the date of births of your kids and a basic idea what you want for custody and visitation and spousal support.

And really that’s it. You barely need very little information to start a Divorce in Santa Monica.

And it’ll only take one person to start. You don’t have to have both people to agree or sign.

It’s a one person fills out the initial paperwork, you become the petitioner. You file the paperwork and that’s how you start a Divorce case in Santa Monica with those forms.

So I just want to let you know that’s the beginning phases of starting a Divorce of course there’s a lot that goes into filing for Divorce and completing the Divorce in Santa Monica, but that’s how you get for the case started.

If you have more questions or you want to talk more about using our affordable, flat fee services, our Paralegal Firm serving Santa Monica, give us a call.

The number is on your screen, 661-281-0266, I’d be happy to give you free consultation.

Let you know what we can do for you. And help you with your Divorce in Santa Monica.