We Serve All Divorce Courts In Los Angeles County

We Serve All Divorce Courts In Los Angeles County

Hi, Tim Blankenship with divorce661.com; and today we’re talking about what courts we serve in Los Angeles County.

So, there are twelve family law courts in the Los Angeles county area. There is of course a central branch which is in downtown Los Angeles, and then there are eleven branch courts throughout Los Angeles County.

Up north there is Lancaster, down going south you’re looking at long beach. Out west you have Venice, San Fernando. And then to the east you have as far as Pasadena and Pomona. So, we handle all twelve branches as far as our divorce filings in Los Angeles County.

So regardless of where you live, if you’re in Long Beach; or Lancaster; or Palmdale; or Pasadena, Pomona. You know, any of the cities that are served by those courts, we can help you.

We have, we are centrally located in northern Los Angeles County. So we’re in L.A. area. We’re in Santa Clarita to be specific but we have clients all over Los Angeles County and we have filed in all of these courts. We do this primarily by e-mail, phone, fax to get your documents done.

We have a seamless process where we do that. In fact, we have clients that are in Germany; and Australia; and serving in the military that never stepped foot in our office. So, we do have an attorney service that picks up all our documents everyday from our office and they file them with our courts. If you’re wondering how we achieve that, that’s what we do. And we file your paperwork.

What we’ll do, let’s say you’re out of the area, you don’t want to travel to our office, we’ll simply complete your documents over the phone, e-mail them, or fax them to you. You sign them, mail them to us and our attorney service picks them up goes to court, you don’t have to go to court at all.

So if you’re anywhere in Los Angeles County, please give us a call. We are the number one divorce document preparation firm in L.A. County. We’d love to help you out and get you through the process regardless of where you live in L.A. County and we can take care of business for you.

My name is Tim Blankenship, divorce661.com go to our website. And you can reach me direct at 661-281-0266.