Small Business Video Marketing Success

Small Business Video Marketing Success

Tim: So Connor MacIvor, Santa Clarita Real Estate expert. I’d be surprised if you’re not able to watch this. I’ve already watched one of your thousands of videos.

Connor: Oh yes! Most of my crappy videos I have two views, one is to me and one’s mom. So that’s pretty clear.

Tim: My kids joked at me because they say, ‘Dad you only got five views on that video.’ And I said, ‘Yes! But I have 500 videos times five and some get more five some get several hundreds or thousands but yes they’re not like viral videos.

It’s an information based that are out there for people who are researching for this information.

Connor: Right!

Tim: …to find it.

Connor: And we don’t have the cute kitten.

Tim: No!

Connor: That’s fur is particularly near the baby in the bath tub.

Tim: Yes.

Connor: That was a funny video.

Tim: So you have I mean you have, I kind of copied everything you’ve done just so you know.

You have podcast. You have video you do daily. You do slideshows. You do blog post too.

I mean you have so much content out there no matter what mode you like to digest it, it’s there, it’s available.

Connor: You know what this is good for and you embraced it. And I’m so impressed!

People want to see you. They don’t want to see an actor. They don’t want to see somebody that’s trying to post himself through another person as trying to be the best of the best.

They want to see transparency.

Tim: Yes.

Connor: This is an off the cuff interview basically between you and I. And this is what people want to see.

Tim: Exactly!

Connor: We’re not going win wars. We’re not going to go viral.

I’ve had some videos that have gotten a lot of views that I don’t know why. I can’t pull it apart and figure out why that one.

But maybe the key words were right, maybe the story was right, maybe the day was right, who knows? But this is how people learn.

And I know when I’m watching videos on YouTube especially if it’s this interview format, I’ll just let it playing go on—

Tim: With the background, yes?

Connor: Yes.

Tim: Yes.

Connor: Because it’s such educational.

Tim: That’s the whole point education. We get all videos and podcasts. We have this live broadcast on Thursdays –

Connor: Got your radio show?

Tim: Actually, well I had it open. People can actually go on and chat real now. This is only our fifth one.

So as soon as we start marketing this, I think this is going to catch on three or four months. People are going to start coming in and I hope asking questions.

And we won’t even have to have a topic. It’ll just be ‘Okay, what’s the question? Call me now.’

Connor: Absolutely!

Tim: And do it that way. So that’s really what I’m hoping for that route. So how can people get a hold of you?

I mean they should call you if they’re thinking of Divorce and needs some information?

Connor: Yes, we have everything primary displayed on our website

Tim: I did that. Are you impressed?

Connor: [the Codec 38:22].

Tim: Yes.

Connor: Yes, it’s good. I love that player [the Codec 38:25].

But yes, just go there in any contact on that site you’re going to get me. So you’re going to talk to yours truly. Usually my voice is an S sexy…

Tim: Very raspy.

Connor: Yes, now. But it’s like a bedroom voice. Some mic I do pretty well. But anyway, yes, so that’s the best way to reach out and I’ll answer your questions.

One of the things that’s important, interview multiple agents. The thing is to whenever you’re looking to get information, don’t sign anything right away.

If they’re bringing you to their office to talk to you and they hand you a piece of paper they say, ‘Well, I need you to’ – ‘Come on, really?’

You just want information. So understand that going in, not all agents are crazy. You will know but not everybody is the same.

So interview those most you find to be the most comfortable because you’re about to go on a journey that could get really ugly.

It’s already probably ugly because now here you are getting Divorce. Find somebody that sympathetic to that.

Tim: Yes. And you have an AP?

Connor: Oh!

Tim: I love that AP. I have it on my phone. What do they need in iTunes? What do they search for to find your AP?

Connor: Yes, as far as searching for housings.

Tim: Yes.

Connor: There are couples. You can look for California Homes. That’s our AP in the AP store. It’s also in the Android market place.

You can also text the letters SCV to 87778. So if you have your cell phone right now or iPod just text the letters SCV for Santa Clarita Valley to 87778.

So that’s pretty easy. So yes on our website and get there you’ll see the Mac Box at the top part.

It’s like a search thing, you can also punch the word AP in there and you’ll get all the downloadable stuff.

Tim: Very cool.

Connor: Yes, you’ve done a fantastic job with Divorce661.

Tim: Can you tell I copied you?

Connor: Oh, don’t say that.

Tim: I copied you.

Connor: I didn’t think of that.

Tim: Yes, I did. I see your blogs and it works, let’s do that. The videos do videos and—

Connor: You’re just—I like the informational approach. And I think people like that. People don’t like to be sold.

You’re not asking for anything.

Tim: No!

Connor: You’re not saying 70 50 Bucks and I’ll do this. You’re showing people how to save. What was that thing you had coming out that came out this morning?

Saving $492—

Tim: For filing fees, yes.

Connor: Yes, that’s awesome!

Tim: Yes.

Connor: I mean really? Who’s doing that?

Tim: Yes.

Connor: Who’s even mentioning that?

Tim: Right.

Connor: It’s—

Tim: It’s funny in that sequence that was the most opened email.

Connor: Yes.

Tim: So people have money on their minds when—

Connor: Absolutely!

Tim: …when going through this. But going back to what he said about just being real people and not actors and giving out information, people watch this and they see who we are. And they’re going to make their decision.

Do I like that person or not? So it helps people make that decision so they’re not going call if they watched us and getting in to something that we don’t like that guy and –

Connor: Yes, he’s got no hair.

Tim: Well good then that saves me time. People that call us they usually say, ‘Tim, I saw you. I watched several of your videos.’ They already know you.

Connor: Yes.

Tim: When they come in to for services we go out there and they’re already getting up the couch, I don’t know who they are. But they already know me.

Just so the video, my voice and all that now in town people are starting ‘Oh, I saw you on Facebook.’

Connor: Buy you drinks and offer—

Tim: Yes. Well, I appreciate you coming out here Connor. This was great.

Connor: You’re welcome.

Tim: Yes.

Connor: Absolutely.

Tim: I really like this whole interview set-up we got here.

Connor: Yes, it’s really nice and you’re doing a great job.

Tim: Cool! Alright, let me see if I can figure out how to shut this down. I tell you this is a three man operation and I’m doing it all by myself.

Every Thursday, live broadcast at 1pm. We have a chat room if you go to Live Cast tab on the website and it’ll take you right through the most recent broadcast coming up.

And the chat room is just below the video. And we’ll know if you’re online and watching otherwise you can ask question.

We are monitoring it. So hopefully this will catch on.

Connor, thanks so much for coming. I appreciate it.

Connor: Pleasure.

Tim: And well hopefully to have you back on again soon.