Spousal Support Stipulations Need Specific Start Dates California Divorce

Spousal Support Stipulations Need Specific Start Dates California Divorce

We’re talking more about Stipulations. And specifically we’re talking about spouses support stipulations, and child support stipulations.

In the past, when we will draft a Stipulation, we would use some none specific language as to when the amount of support will begin.

We would say the spousal support is due forth with which was basically means immediately and the courts were satisfied with that.

When we recently submitted a Stipulation to the court, and this was in Los Angeles County. And it was rejected because the court wanted some specific start dates.

And so that was just a change that we saw. We’ve never had that happened in years where they were not happy with the word forth with.

And they wanted us to specify a start date. And so when you’re doing Stipulation, if you’re going to enter a Stipulation for let’s say a spousal support or child support, in there you’re going to indicate a specific start date.

So we could say spousal support or child support is to begin April 1st. And then there’s some following language until further order with the court, etc.

So if you need help with the Stipulation for child support, of spousal support, I’d be happy to do that for you.

If you try to put something to put together, just make you have a specific start date to that support order.