How We Started Providing Affordable California Divorce Services

How We Started Providing Affordable California Divorce Services

Hi! My name is Tim Blankenship with, we specialize in California divorce. We’re a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm and divorce is all we do.

And if you’ve been watching our videos, you’ll notice that, we probably, we have now I would say, four, five maybe six hundred (600) videos, ‘how to’ videos, tutorials, videos about divorce, explain processes, things we’ve come across, things like that, just to get the information out about divorce in California.

Today, we’re going to talk about, a little bit about our company, where we come from, who I am as a person and so forth, just so you can get a little bit of background on who we are.

So, I started off in a military right out of high school, went in them Marine Corps for a couple of years, came out of them Marine Corps into Law Enforcement, actually started working for LAPD, which I did for 12 years and I enjoyed that very deeply.

I left LAPD only to strike it rich in the Real Estate if you remember in the mid-2000s, 2005, 2006, Real Estate was doing really well in California and I think just about everywhere.

So I left the department to start a real estate business and again did very well. And when that kind of tapped out, and the market dropped, decided to retool and go back to school, got my degree in the legal industry and started working for the Los Angeles Superior Court, where I completed a long term internship, actually I still have my foot in the door there, it’s been now, I think, three years that I’ve been with the Superior Court working with the judges and the divorce courts and so forth, San Fernando and Los Angeles, downtown court.

Then I started working for a law firm, one of  the largest law firms here in Santa Clarita, did that for two years and then discovered that there is a very under served market when it comes to legal services, specifically divorce, because that’s where my experience was.

And that people couldn’t afford the services of attorneys, and in many cases, didn’t even really need an attorney to handle their case, it was just that there were no other options.

Enter We started up since, let’s see we are in 2013 – end of 2013 now. We’ll be entering our third year in business and business, I had to say, has been done really well this first year.

People are glad that there is a service that is flat fee, fixed cost service, that’s a full service process, where we take care of everything from start to finish – filling out the forms, serving them, taking them down to court, making all the copies, I mean, literally everything so you can go on with your life.

And statistics tell us that 90% of divorce cases don’t need an attorney, but that you do need some type of legal assistance, or help with the paperwork because it is a very complex process. So that’s us in a nutshell.

We’ve grown in the last, well, it’s been, two years now because we’re going into our third. This year, we’ve added five (5) employees. We have a second office here in Valencia. We have plans of expanding offices into the San Fernando Valley into Antelope Valley Valley, Ventura area. We service those areas currently, we just don’t have written more locations there yet. We’re just kind of waiting until the right time.

For that, well, we have plenty of plans. All throughout Los Angeles county, other counties – San Bernardino, in fact all of California we’ve probably handled cases in every county at this point because there really isn’t the type of level of service that we offer out there.

So, that’s it! Just want to let you guys know that.

Please call me, love to help you with your divorce. If we can’t help you for whatever reason because you are one of those few that need an attorney, I’ll be happy to refer you out! We know all the attorneys out there, all the good attorneys; I should say, so I’d be happy to refer you.

Tim Blankenship, Please spread the word about us. If you don’t need us, maybe a friend or a family member does, with the divorce rate being so high.

I’m sure you know someone that’s going through the process, we’d be glad to get a referral from you. is the website., about 400 or 500 videos as I said are on there. We’re also on iTunes at Divorce Master Radio. We do a weekly podcast where we go a little bit deeper into the process of divorce, and so lots of resources for you.

I’d be happy to help you, 661-281-0266 and thanks for reading!