Child Support Services Cases | Los Angeles County

Child Support Services Cases 

Child support services cases are completely different than cases filed with the County.  For instance, if you spouse files a case with child support services and you go through child support services, this has nothing to do with any cases filed with the county.

Let’s say your spouse goes to child support services and files a complaint for child support.  Let’s assume for arguments sake, that you were unmarried and had a child together and mom wants to get obtain child support.  Even though this process will run it’s course, it has nothing to do with any paternity case that may be filed with the County.

What this means is that if you have a child support services case and you want to file a paternity case, you would have to do that with the family law court, not with child support services.  And while child support services may have a case number assigned, the County would need to issue their own case number.  That means that you would have to start from scratch if you wanted to file a paternity action.

You may be surprised to know that even though you just went through the child support services case, if you wanted to file a motion regarding paternity, you would have to pay the initial filing fee.  The initial filing fee may be could be for a paternity action or you if you wanted to get some orders from the court, you could start off by filing a request for orders regarding child support and child custody.

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Canyon Country Divorce Legal Service

Canyon Country Divorce Legal Service

We are Santa Clarita’s only licensed and bonded legal document preparation company that specializes in providing a fixed fee divorce solution.

We are licensed and bonded by the County of Los Angeles to provide direct to consumer divorce legal services.  This simply means that you have another option to hiring an attorney.

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Many people who contact us are thrilled at the service provide.  In fact, many indicate that they were looking for a divorce attorney when they discovered our divorce service.  People tell us that they just were not aware that a service such this existed in the Santa clarita Valley.  When they hear how about our fixed pricing as opposed to the high hourly rate attorney’s charge, they are even more thrilled.

We help save you money because we are not here to take advantage of your emotions and push you to spend money going to court and fighting it out in court.  We are a neutral third party who is familiar with the divorce forms and process and can help you navigate the tricky divorce process.

Our Canyon Country divorce legal service makes the divorce process very smooth.  We have a detailed plan of action that will make very clear what the procedural steps to divorce are and will complete and file your divorce forms with the court.  We offer a specialized divorce service which makes the process understandable.

When you are considering getting a divorce, make sure to think about the financial ramifications that can come of it.  Hiring a divorce attorney is very expensive.  In our experience, most folks could do without hiring a divorce attorney.  In many cases they do exactly what our Canyon Country divorce legal service will do for you.

We just do it for a fraction of the cost.

For more information about our Canyon Country divorce legal service please give us a call and discovery why we are the number one divorce legal document preparation service in Los Angeles County.

Antelope Acres Divorce Legal Service

Antelope Acres Divorce Legal Service

We are the premier divorce legal service helping clients in Antelope Acres.  Our divorce legal service is provided by true professionals in the legal document preparation field.

We focus strictly on divorce and other family law related matters.  We chose to do this so we could specialize in a particular field of law to ensure that we were the most knowledgeable legal services company in Antelope Acres.

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When it comes to divorce, you have to have a good understanding of the legal forms and the overall divorce process.  This is where we stand out from any other legal document service who claims to provide assistance with divorce matters.  Because we focus on only one area of law, we end up handling more divorce cases than anyone else in the legal document preparation field.

We are often called by other legal services who are less knowledgeable in the area of divorce.  We are happy to collaborate with other legal service providers to help make sure that as a profession we maintain a good impression of our industry.

Our level of expertise is derived from many areas.  Not only do we keep our skills up due to the volume of divorce cases we handle, but we consistently volunteer with the family law self help centers to make sure we are kept abreast of local form and rule changes that come up frequently.

When you are looking for the best Antelope Acres divorce legal service make sure  to give us a call so we can discuss your specific issues and let you know how we can help you navigate the process.  Whether you simply want to get information, have already started our divorce case or have almost completed it and need help, we can be of assistance.

Give us a call and find out why we are your best choice for Antelope Acres divorce legal service.

Agua Dulce Divorce Legal Service

Agua Dulce Divorce Legal Service

We provide our fixed fee divorce service to Agua Dulce, CA.  We specialize in the divorce process and can help you navigate the family law process every step of the way. We are the only full service legal document assistant company providing divorce legal service in Agua Dulce.  We can help no matter where you are in the process or if you are just getting started.

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Even if you just have questions about the divorce process we would be happy to discuss that with you. We want to change the way people view the divorce process in Agua Dulce.  We are on a public awareness campaign to make our low cost divorce legal services known so folks don’t have to spend $1,000’s of dollars hiring attorneys.

Our divorce legal service is state of the art using a combination of automated document preparation and personalized, one on one divorce assistance.  We do everything from prepare your divorce forms, to filing, serving and preparing your judgment.  Because we have worked in the Superior Courts and volunteered with the self help clinics at most of the family law court rooms, we are very familiar with the divorce process and procedure.

If you want to to receive personalized divorce legal services from a company that specializes in divorce, look no further.  Give us a call to discuss your particular divorce or other family law related matter.

Even if you are in the middle of your case and you have become frustrated with the process or don’t know what to do next, we can step in.  We will conduct a case analysis to see where you are at in the divorce process and let you know what you need to do next to move your case along. Feel free to contact us to received a free consultation over the phone.  We will be happy to further explain how our Agua Dulce divorce legal service can help you.

Fixed Fee Divorce Service In Santa Clarita

Fixed Fee Divorce Service in Santa Clarita

We are a licensed and bonded legal document assistant company that specializes in divorce and other family law related matters with our fixed fee divorce service in Santa Clarita.   We provide our low fixed fee divorce service to all courts in Los Angeles County and serve all cities in the 661 area code including:

We are the only legal document assistants that specialize in divorce in Los Angeles County.  We have helped 100’s of clients to navigate the divorce process and successfully complete the divorce.

Our goal is ensure that everyone has access to quality divorce legal services.  We serve the middle market of clients going through the divorce process.  Currently there is a lack of divorce assistance to this largest class of people.  For high income earners where money is not an issue, they have the resources to go out and spend $10,000 on an attorney.  For low income families, you have the free self help centers for those that qualify.  But what about this middle segment who don’t qualify for free self help and who either don’t have the money or don’t want to spend the money on expensive attorneys.  This is that middle market I speak about.

Fixed Fee Divorce Service in santa clarita

Our divorce legal services are for those families who want to save on the costs of getting a divorce.  We can help you prepare your divorce paperwork from start to finish including drafting your final judgment.  We can work with both husband and wife throughout the process because we are not attorneys and do not represent you.  Working through the divorce process like this is one of the most cost effective ways of getting through your divorce.

Call us for more information on our fixed fee divorce service.

Acton Divorce Legal Service

Acton Divorce Legal Service

Divorce 661 provides a divorce legal service in Acton.  We specialize in the divorce process and can help you to navigate the tricky waters called the divorce process.

As legal document assistants, we are trying to change the way people file for divorce.  We are trying to educate those facing divorce to understand the divorce process and that there are options to hiring a divorce attorney.

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Our Acton, CA divorce legal service assists you with the divorce process from beginning to end.

Below you will find specific divorce information for Acton, California.

Where To File For Divorce If You Live In Acton, CA

If you live in Acton, California and need to file for divorce, your closes family law court will be at the San Fernando Branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court.  The address is as follows:

Los Angeles Superior Court – 900 Third Street, San Fernando, Ca 91340

San fernando Court has two family law courtrooms.  Dept. K and Dept. L.  Currently Department L receives all the odd numbered cases while Department K receives all the even number cases.

You can confirm your filing court location by clicking HERE

Court Fees:

Please find a complete list of divorce fees HERE

How To Find A Case Summary:

If you live in Acton and want to check your family law case summary you can click HERE  It is a good idea to check your divorce case summary frequently to check for any hearings the court may have set.

Acton Self Help Services

There are a lot of self help services available to Acton residents through the San Fernando Valley Court.  You can find a lot of good information HERE if you are considering going through the divorce process by representing yourself.

Give us a call to discuss how our Acton divorce legal service can help you with your divorce.  We provide a fixed fee divorce legal service that is second to none in Acton, CA.