How To Complete Divorce Summons | Santa Clarita

How To Complete Divorce Summons | Santa Clarita

Nobody wants to go through a divorce.  But if you have to, don’t you want to save money?  I hate rhetorical questions too, but wanted to make sure that folks are aware that there are affordable divorce services other than hiring an attorney.

For those that decide to represent themselves in their divorce, usually it is do to one of 2 things. Either they don’t what to spend the money or they feel their divorce case is simple enough to do on their own.

Either way, if you plan on representing yourself during your divorce, look to the services of an affordable divorce paralegal service such as ours.

We have prepare numerous videos on how to represent yourself in court which goes step by step into the process of completing your divorce forms.  Make sure to check our our divorce video link at the top of this website to see all the “how to” divorce videos that we have created.

The divorce summons form is not very complicated to fill out.  Actually there are only a few lines that you have to complete.  The summons has a lot of language pre-printed on it that relates to the divorce process in general and about specific automatic restraining orders that go into effect once the divorce summons is filed.

In this video we go over the language in the divorce summons that spells out to the Respondent what their obligations are if they want to respond and that they have 30 days to do so, otherwise risk taking a chance that the divorce proceeds without their input.

Additionally, the divorce summons outlines what you can an can’t do and discusses what you are restrained from doing until the divorce process has concluded.  In the video we point out the importance of reading and understanding the restraining order language.    Make sure to watch the how to prepare the divorce petition video as well.

If you are looking for an affordable way to get divorced, please give us a call to learn more about our divorce legal document preparation service.