Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal Service

Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal Service

Need to get divorced but find the cost of hiring an attorney to be prohibitive?  Not to worry.  There is a better divorce alternative to hiring an attorney when all you need is someone to get the divorce paperwork done for you.  Have you heard of Legal Document Assistants?

Well, that is what we are.  A legal document assistant firm which specializes in preparing divorce documents for you.  To become a legal document assistant, you have to have several areas of experience which we have exceeded in all areas.

First, you have to meet specific educational requirements. In our case we hold college degrees in legal studies and continue our education through various training courses offered by numerous legal associations.

Second, you must meet the experience requirements.  You must have worked for either a law firm, self help center or as a paralegal for several years prior to the County of Los Angeles approving a legal document assistant license.  We have done all three of these.  We have worked for family law firms, in the Courts self help centers as well as in the Courts themselves.  So we have a wide range of experience to draw from when it comes to preparing your legal documents.

This has given us a leg up in the legal document preparation industry.  There is not a more knowledgeable divorce legal document assistant firm in all of LA County.

Using our Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal Service provides you with an affordable alternative to paying the high cost of hiring a divorce attorney to prepare your divorce paperwork.  We provide a fixed fee legal service, so you know your total cost up front.  No hourly billing here.

If you want to get your divorce paperwork done accurately and quickly while saving on the costs, please give us a call to discuss your specific divorce situation.  You will be glad you used our Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal Service.