How To Prepare Santa Clarita Divorce Response Form FL-120

How To Prepare Santa Clarita Divorce Response Form FL-120

Are you attempting to get through the  divorce process on your own?  Just so you know, you are not alone.  As much as 80% of those going through divorce do so without an attorney.

But where do you turn to for assistance when you need help?  We found that for those going through the divorce process alone the information is hard to come by even though there is lots of information about divorce all over the Internet.

In this video we cover how to complete the divorce form FL-120.  The divorce form FL-120 is the form you would use to reply to a petition for divorce.

To assist those going through the divorce process, we have prepared numerous videos on how to prepare the individual divorce forms.  We go line by line over the divorce form FL-120 and show you exactly how to fill it out if you were to file a response to your divorce action.

In this video we go over:

  1. Divorce residence requirements
  2. Completing your date of marriage
  3. Completing your date of separation
  4. Filling out the separate property section
  5. Filling out the community property section
  6. Requests for Legal Custody
  7. Requests for child visitation
  8. How to restore your former name

All of this and more are on the divorce response Form FL-120.  While the majority of the FL-120 are check boxes, you will want to know the significance of checking the various boxes on the divorce response form.

In addition there are several additional forms that can be attached to the divorce response form, especially if you have children.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service that specializes in the divorce process.   If you would like to have your divorce forms professionally prepared by us please give us a call to discuss your specific situation so we can advise you on  how the process will work.