Still Live Together And Want Divorce? What Date Of Separation Do You Use?

Still Live Together And Want Divorce? What Date Of Separation Do You Use?

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with today we’re answering the question what date do you use for the date of separation when filing for divorce.

So here is the scenario, I will start a divorce case for someone and we have a worksheet for that or you can even start online at and there’s a questionnaire and one of the questions is date of marriage of course and the other is date of separation and probably at least half of the time the comment I get is Tim, we’re not legally separated, we’re still living together and that’s totally fine, that’s not what we’re asking for. So, for date of separation, here are some options that you can use.

Number 1, there may be a date in the past that stands out in your mind that you would consider to be the date of separation, maybe something happened on that particular date or something as much as you guys sat down and talked about it on that date, perhaps you started sleeping on the couch or in a different room on a specific date, those are all valid dates of separation, maybe a day you moved out of the family residence or the home you guys live in together, that would be another valid date.

If there is no other date in mind and say you guys are very amicable and you just talked about it, and you’ve just called me and we’re getting the ball rolling then using the date of filing is a date of separation.

You have to have a date of separation when you file your petition, you cannot leave it blank, it will be a rejected, they won’t reject it but it will be cause for your divorce case to be rejected when you turn in your judgment, so make sure you have both a date of marriage and a date of separation and if there’s no previous date in the past that makes sense then you just use the date of filing as your date of separation.

Tim Blankenship, hope you’re having a good day, if you need any help please give me a call 661 281 0266 and take care.

Date Of Separation In California Divorce : What You Should Know

Date Of Separation In California Divorce : What You Should Know

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with, been talking a lot about dates of separation in the last podcast.

I just talked about different ideas that you can use for the date of separation, most of the time our clients are in agreement to the date of separation but in this podcast, I want to talk about what is the significance of the date of the separation and I’m reading off an attorney’s website because I don’t like to give legal advice but I do want to share this information with you.

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So, let me share this, it says California uses a date of separation as the essential date for determining property interests, property acquired by a spouse after the date of separation is considered to be that spouses separate property, while property acquired before the date of separation is community property.

So, in plain English what that means is before the marriage anything you acquired is separate, during the marriage everything you acquired is community property, subject to division by the courts. So, the issues become people say Tim we don’t have anything in each other’s names, so we don’t have any property to divide.

In the state of California, they don’t look at whose name it’s in, they look at the date of acquisition of the asset or debt. So, like my wife and I, she can have her own bank accounts and pensions, and I can have mine totally separate, never shared, never anything even I can buy the car in my name and she does not appear anywhere on the car, at all on the title or the loan but it’s still community property, she still has an interest in that property.

Another example is with this business of mine, while she is not part of it, doesn’t work in it most of the time or at all, she has her own thing, she has a community property and it’s an interest in my business because it was started during the marriage and it made money during the marriage, so that’s how that works.

Now the significance of the date of separation is that once you file and you indicate a date of separation, that’s the line in the sand for the community property interest, so a lot of times there can be, and not with us most of our clients do agree on a date of separation but where parties disagree usually is around, you know when they’re getting close to the 10 year mark and they know they may have to pay spouse support for a longer period of time, or in the accrual of say community properties, such as pensions or so forth.

I’ll give you an example, if 1 party said well the date of separation was 2 years ago and the spouse is saying no the date of separation is last month, there’s what almost 2 years of additional acquisition or 2 more years of accrual of community property in the other parties with the pensions, meaning they would get more money if the date of separation was pushed closer to the future, or not the future but to today, to current times.

So if that happens there are tests that can be looked at in determining and again, we don’t deal with that too much in our office, it’s usually agreed upon but it can be full trials in court and divorce can be held over the issue of the date of separation because like I was saying it can be a big difference in the amount of community property one is awarded, it can also be a huge difference in as far as the length of marriage going over 10 years, where someone is trying to get support for an indefinite period of time as opposed to half the length of the marriage.

So, I’m not going to get into the exact details of the objective tests versus the subject tests because we don’t deal with that too much, but that’s something you can look at.

You can always give me a call if you have questions about determining the date of separation or read the article and listen to the podcast that I wrote on trying to figure out what an applicable date of separation would be.

In most cases, 90 percent of the time, it’s going to be obvious both of you will agree. It’s only in cases where one party is trying to establish a shorter period of time for purposes of financial gain.

Tim Blankenship,, hope that was helpful. Give us a call we do handle divorce cases throughout California, go to or give me a call at 661 281 0266 and we’ll talk to you soon.

California Divorce Petition Must Have Date Of Separation

When you were completing your California Divorce petition form number FL – 100 you need to complete section 3 where it says date of marriage and date of separation.

In the last week alone I have had two phone calls from potential clients who started their divorce case on their own and who did not complete the date of separation. Meaning they did not put a date where it asks for date of separation nor did they indicate the length of marriage.  When I tell them that their petition is faulty and will have to be amended and corrected and refiled they usually explain that the reason they did not put in the date of separation is because they are not legally separated or because they are still living together.

It does not matter if you are still living together or not you still have to put in a date of separation and indicate the length of marriage.

because you’re going to have to re-file an amended petition and have your spouse re-served.


Here are a few ideas of what you can use for the date of separation. First if you have no other date in mind meaning, meaning you didn’t discuss a previous date to use as a date of separation most people just default and use the date they are filing for divorce as the date of separation. You can do this even if you are still living together.

Second if there is a date in the past that you either discussed getting divorced or you moved out of the house or even if you moved into the spare bedroom or started sleeping on a couch that is a data separation you could use as well.

Keep in mind the date of separation you use can be very important in some divorce cases. However if you are going through an amicable divorce the date of separation is not going to be that important. Meaning if you are in agreement to all the terms of your divorce the date of separation will not play an important role.

Because we see these types of mistakes and others often we recommend you use our divorce service from day one before you ever file a single divorce document. What people don’t know is if you make even a single mistake or miss even a single check box on the divorce petition it will have to be amended and if you are several months into the process of your divorce this will cause the six-month cooling off period to begin again

Can You Live Together During The Divorce Process? Valencia Divorce

When going through a divorce in California and when you file for divorce you will be asked what your date of separation is. This confused a lot of people because many of the clients we help are still living together. So then they will either ask what date of separation to use or say that they are still living together.

The question then is, “can you live together during the divorce process?”

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In California divorce there is no requirement that you actually live apart, separately or in separate households. When it comes to filing the divorce Petition, you will be required to decide on a date of separation even if you are till living together. So the date of separation, does not mean the date you started living separately, although it can be.

I would say many or most of our clients are still living together at the time of filing for divorce. The question about the date of separation throws them off. Here is what I tell them.

Examples dates you can use for the date of separation:

  • The date one of you moved out
  • The date you discussed getting a divorce
  • The date you file for divorce
  • These dates will be todays date or a date in the past

So the long answer to can you live together during the divorce process is Yes.  Any many do live together during the divorce process until there is that point which is a natural break.  I tell our clients that there will be a point in the process where it feels natural for the parties to physically separate.