Santa Clarita Uncontested Divorce Service

Santa Clarita Uncontested Divorce Service

Hi, my name is Tim Blankenship with

If you’re watching this video you’re probably trying to learn more about an uncontested divorce in Santa Clarita, thank you for watching this video and for landing on our webpage here.

I want to talk to you a little bit about the service we provide in preparing uncontested divorce cases in Santa Clarita.

We are a full service licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm. What this means is we do not have attorneys in our office; we are not required to have an attorney to be supervised because of our license and bond, and our training and experience, the county allows us to work directly with the public to provide an affordable divorce alternative.

We’re a full service firm, what that means is we’re going to take care of everything from start to finish. We’re going to fill out your forms, we’re going to file them with the court, we’re going to serve them, and we’re going to complete your judgment.

Our flat fee divorce service includes everything, so we’re talking about if you’d need assistance determining child support, spousal support, a parenting plan, custody, visitation; all of that is taken cared of with our process.

When we fill up the forms, we don’t use questionnaires, if you were to call other services or online document preparation services, you have to fill out a lengthy twenty, thirty page questionnaire. We don’t do that here, we operate our firm exactly like a law firm does in the preparation of your case, the only difference is we don’t give legal advice and we don’t represent you in court.

When it comes down to contested divorce cases in Santa Clarita, you should be aware that it’s a complicated process. Many people call us at various stages in the process, somewhere in the beginning, in the middle, or if their judgment has been rejected what we recommend is that you call us from the outset and let us get started for you right away.

We do not have a family law department in the Santa Clarita court so just be advised that if you are going to attempt this on your own, you’re going to have to make numerous trips to the San Fernando court house which is our office that we would be filing in.

Please give me a call, my name is Tim Blankenship, you would be working directly with me, my number is 661-281-0266. We’re located right here in Santa Clarita.

And we look forward to helping you with your uncontested divorce in Santa Clarita.

Thanks for reading!