Thank You For Your Santa Clarita Divorce Referrals

Thank You For Your Santa Clarita Divorce Referrals

This is Tim Blankenship with

Today I just wanted to put a little shout out to say thank you to my clients, this is kind of a client thank you article.

I’ve been receiving tons and tons of referrals from my clients, which has really assisted my business in growing.

And we’ve been around for a while now in closing divorce cases, and getting them done, and people are really recognizing the skill and our ability to help them and that is shown by them referring their friends and family.

We really appreciate it. We will take care of your friends and family as we took care of you and we truly believe that a referral in this particular, in any business in general, but particularly in this business where it’s very intimate; you know it’s about divorce, and your family and kids, and spousal support, and all of these issues.

When you refer your friends and family to us, we know we had to have done a really good job in order for you to do that and we appreciate it.

My name is Tim Blankenship. We are in Santa Clarita, we do serve all of Los Angeles County and we specialize in divorce. You can reach us at 661-281-0266, and as always you can get more information off our website at

Thanks for reading and thanks to all you clients that have referred this year, have a good day.