Are You Thinking About Doing Your Own California Divorce

Are You Thinking About Doing Your Own California Divorce

Today we’re talking about “Should you do your own divorce?

When is it a good idea to do it yourself? When is it a better idea to maybe hire a company to do that?

Though this last week we’ve done several videos talking to people who are perhaps in the decision making process if they should try and do their own divorce, or should they hire someone or should they get an attorney, people who haven’t started the divorce – that’s what this whole week has been about as far as videos and blog articles are concerned.

And this one, as far as the deciding whether you should do your divorce or not, we’re going to hit this from the topic of money. We’re just talking about money. Should you pay someone to do it or should you do it yourself.

I get calls all the time and I can tell kind of in the other end of the phone that these folks are just trying to get some information out of me and maybe they don’t have the money to do this, sometimes I just can get that feeling by the questions they’re asking and so forth.

When I talk to them, the first thing I’ll say is “look, are you currently employed, are you full employed” and so forth and if they say no or if they say they’re unemployed or something like that, I’ll tell them right off the bat, “this is how you should make your decision on whether to hire us or not.”

If you have more time than money, you know you’re not working, you’re unemployed etc. If you have more time than money, you should do your own divorce.

You can go to our YouTube channel, We’ve done a video on just about every divorce form on how to complete it. The courts have a self-help center, it’s free.

The downside is the time commitment is enormous. You’re going to spend a lot of time with the self-help centers. You’re going to spend a lot of time frustrated trying to fill out the forms. You’re going to spend a lot of time doing these things.

But if you cannot afford to have a professional company like this to complete your divorce paperwork, obviously don’t hire us and do it because you have more time than money, it’s very simple.

Now, to the other end of that, if you are fully employed, if you’re working and you can’t take the time to go to court a dozen times over the course of let’s say six months, spending almost all day there.

If you don’t have time or the energy after working all day, to go to your computer at night and spend time on the weekend trying to figure out how to file a divorce form, driving down to the court house.Trying to file them, serve them and figuring out the process and procedure. All of that stuff.

If you have more money than time, I’m not saying you have money to throw away but if taking that time away from your family and job is going to cost you time, energy and frustration then you should hire a company like us to take care of business for you, so you can go on with your life and let the professionals take care of your divorce.

That’s the number one decision making factor on whether you should hire a company to do your own divorce from a money perspective is the time versus money scenario.

When people come to us, like our ideal client, they come to say “Tim, I can’t do this. I don’t want to try and figure all of this stuff. I’m working full time, I can’t miss work.” Those are the folks who use our service.

If you’re unemployed, go to the self-help centers. Use our YouTube channel, go online, spend the time and take the time to figure out on your own.

I hope that was helpful. Tim Blankenship, call the number on your screen. I’d be happy to talk to you and let you know what we can do for you. We do handle divorce cases all throughout California.