Torrance Paralegal Divorce An Alternative To Divorce Attorney In Torrance, CA

Torrance Paralegal Divorce An Alternative To Divorce Attorney In Torrance, CA

I’m going to first say that we are not a law firm and we are attorneys.

I just want to get this video on in front of you, to folks that are looking for an attorney say in the Torrance, California area.

I’ll let you know that there are alternatives to hiring a Divorce Attorney such as our firm.

Now we are a full service Divorce Document Preparation Firm specializing only in Divorce serving the Torrance, California area.

What that means is that we can do everything a law firm can do except giving legal advice and represent you in court.

So let’s say you do need an attorney. Let’s say you’re looking for an attorney and I tricked you into watching this video.

You need an attorney. You’re going to need legal representation maybe you even already have a consultation with an attorney you just haven’t hired them yet.

What we want to do is, say number one, less than 10% of cases all throughout California are handled by an attorney.

The majority of folks going through it they don’t need attorney. They just may need a little legal advice or maybe go on a consultation.

But ultimately, they’re either doing it themselves or hiring a company like us to prepare the documents since we obviously suggest.

So two things! Number one either you know you need an attorney for your Divorce in Torrance. And you want to come to us to help get those initial documents done.

Let’s get the ball rolling and get the case filed, served, do your financial disclosures and let us do all the paperwork.

So if you are going to need an attorney at least you’re spending the money on them doing attorney stuff instead of filing up paperwork.

Or number two, what if we can get you through Divorce and you don’t need an attorney? And that’s what we’re finding.

People though they would need an attorney. They saw one of our videos. They call us up.

By the way free consultations. The number is on your screen. Give me a call.

We’ll talk about specifically. And I’ll fill out. We’ve done a lot of cases. We handle several hundreds cases a year.

And I’ll let you know based on the circumstances that we think we can get you through or if we get stucked maybe we can send you out for some mediation.

But sometimes there’s nothing we can do even though we’ve got all the paperwork done, you still need to go and see an attorney because one of the parties isn’t being fair or reasonable or is untruthful.

And those types of cases that you’ll probably need the legal advice or attorney assistance with but most of the case you’re not going to need that.

You can use our service. And three things will happen. We’ll get you all the way through.

We’ll get you mostly through. And then you’ll need mediation. Have someone sit down with you to come up with agreements.

And then you come back to us. And we’ll finish things up. Or we do all the paperwork and you needed to hire an attorney maybe just to review it.

And say, ‘Hey, this looks fair. I had a Paralegal Firm draft this up. This seems fair. This is will something I should sign?’

In that way you know you’re protected on all sides.

So give us a call if you’re thinking of hiring an attorney in Torrance. I’d love to talk to you and see if it’s something we can help you save some money.

At least part way or maybe even all the way.

661-281-0266. Give us a call. I’d love to help you out. Thanks.