Uncontested Divorce In Pasadena | Pasadena Uncontested Divorce Service

Uncontested Divorce In Pasadena | Pasadena Uncontested Divorce Service

Today, we’re talking to folks in Pasadena who maybe going through an Uncontested Divorce case in Pasadena.

We want to let you know who we are and what we can do for you. We are a full service Divorce Paralegal Firm specializing in Divorce in California.

We do serve all of California but I want to get this video out to folks who are in the Pasadena area California who are looking for professional paid full service Divorce Paralegal Firm to help them get them through their Uncontested Divorce case.

Uncontested Divorce simply means that you guys are somewhat in agreement. You don’t have to be completely in agreement.

It just means it’s uncontested because you guys aren’t going to go to court necessarily. At least that’s the plan.

So those are the types of folks who we’re looking at helping, folks that are working together and at least somewhat in agreement or who want to try and work towards an agreement without attorneys and without going to court.

That’s what an uncontested case is considered to be. And that’s our specialty.

It’s helping people going through Divorce, who needs assistance getting through with the paperwork and we can take care of doing all the financial disclosures.

We’ll do all your paperwork. We’ll file your case to the court. We’ll take care of serving it.

All the process and procedures we will take care of for you. We’ll take care of all the agreements regarding children and custody visitation, support, alimony, child support, visitation plans everything involved, we’ll incorporate into our Uncontested Divorce Case.

And we have flat fee pricing.  I encourage you to go our website at divorce661.com, I’ll be happy to if you take a look at our pricing.

It is a full service fixed fee pricing plan so you’ll know what your cost is going to be before you get signed up with us.

Tons of information and resources on our website, so, please go ahead and jump over to our website.  I’ll be happy to help you with your Uncontested Divorce for the folks in Pasadena and we’ll take good care of you.

661-281-0266 I’ll be happy to provide a free consultation to make sure you’re a good fit for our company and make sure you’re a client that we can assist with Divorce.