Uncontested Divorce Service Pomona CA | Pomona Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Service Pomona CA | Pomona Uncontested Divorce

Today, I want to let you know about our Uncontested Divorce Service in Pomona and kind of explain to you what Uncontested Divorce means.

So we’re a full service Divorce Paralegal Firm specializing in Divorce in California. It’s all we do.

We’re a full service so we take care of everything from start to finish including prepping the forms, filling them out, taking them down to the Pomona Courthouse, getting them filed, taking care of the service, doing all the financial disclosures and all the paperwork and disclosure that the court requires we will take care of including putting together your agreements also known as the judgment.

We’ll take care for assisting you with coming up with your agreements as far as assets and debts, who’s going to get what, as far as your kids if any, as far as custody visitation, child support and alimony.

So we can take care of your entire Pomona Divorce case from start to finish at a low affordable fee. We have flat fees.

And we don’t charge hourly fees and we can get your case done quickly and as fast as possible. So please give us a call.

Now an Uncontested Divorce case, I wanted to just touch on that a little bit.

What this means is if you guys are going to attempt to work together at least somewhat amicably in getting through your Divorce, uncontested means you’re not go to court.

At least you’re going to either sit down at the kitchen table or you’re going to work through our office to help come up with agreements. You may go to mediation.

It just simply means you’re not going to go fight in court. That’s what Uncontested Divorce means. And that’s our specialty.

Feel free to give me a call. I’ll be happy to provide a free phone consultation to you. The number is 661-281-0266.

I really want to speak with you and find out exactly what you have going on in your particular case. Let you know what we can do as a service to assist you with your Uncontested Divorce case.

Helps you save guys some money. Helps streamline the process.

And take care of all the paperwork and all the labor that goes along with going through divorce. And so you guys can go on with your life and move on.

And of course get the paperwork done correctly the first time.

So feel free to give me a call about our Uncontested Divorce Service in Pomona, California.

We do serve all of California. So no office visit is necessary.

We do a lot of this right over the phone or via email, so, we can assist you anywhere in California.

Even if you’re not in Pomona or LA County, we handle clients all throughout California.

So please give us a call about our Uncontested Divorce Service in Pomona.

Or you can go to our website for more information at Divorce661.com or just give me a call.

I’ll be happy to give you a free phone consultation.