Uncontested Divorce Service West Hills

Uncontested Divorce Service West Hills

Today, we’re talking to the folks in West Hills, California.

I want to talk to you about our Uncontested Divorce Service that we offer.

So we’re a Full Service Divorce Paralegal Firms specializing only in Divorce.

And we do serve all of California. However, today, we’re talking to the folks specifically in West Hills.

So as a Licensed and Bonded Legal Document Paralegal, we can work directly with you to prepare your Divorce case.

And we are a neutral third party, which means we can work with both of you and your spouse to complete all the paperwork from start to finish.

Now we have all the court forms and the software that the attorneys and the courts have.

So don’t worry we will take care of doing all your financial disclosures, filling out the forms. We’ll even deal with the court for you.

So if you’re going to an amicable divorce or somewhat friendly divorce and you don’t want to hire attorneys but you don’t want to do this yourself, give us a call.

And we will take care of the entire thing. We have the DissoMaster software which is a program the courts use to determine the child support numbers and spousal support numbers.

And that comes in really handy because when we’re working through the process, if there is going to be spousal support and if you have children, custody visitation and child support will also be determined as part of this.

So feel free to give me a call, I’d be happy to talk to you more about what we could do in your particular circumstances.

We do file a high volume of Divorce cases. And we are that specialize company that handles just Divorce in a Full Service fashion.

Meaning we will facilitate the process by working with the court on your behalf. You won’t have to go to the court when you guys use our service.

In fact, when you use our service we can even save you some money on court fees.

So make sure you ask us about that. Tim Blankenship at Divorce661.com, you can give me a call 661-281-0266.