Valencia Divorce Paralegal : Judgment Forms vs Marital Settlement Agreement

Years ago our company got away from using Marital Settlement Agreements. The writing was on the wall that the court’s were going to a more uniform manner of completing the California divorce paperwork.

When you go through a Valencia Divorce, you know that the divorce paperwork is all about forms. This form for this and that form for that. The divorce courts, have for some time now, used judgment “forms” instead of what was known as a Marital Settlement Agreement.


The change to the California divorce forms was to make the divorce process a bit more uniform and hopefully easier to complete your divorce. What the divorce judgment forms have done is give you a way to complete your divorce judgment by using forms instead of having to draft a narrative style agreement.

The biggest issues people were having with preparing their divorce agreements is that they lacked the sufficient legal language. This caused the courts to reject judgments more often than not.

The forms solves this issues for many of the problems people were having. The divorce judgment forms have check boxes and prompts for the information you will need and most often used when completing your divorce.

Again, our company went to this format several years ago and I have spoken about this often. In fact, about a year or so ago, I had someone who became a client of our watch a video about this that I did not Youtube where I said it is better to use the judgment forms rather than the settlement agreement.

She called me to tell me that she did not take my advice and then had her divorce settlement agreement rejected by the court. This client ultimately hired us to complete her Valencia divorce case which we did using the California divorce judgment forms.