Valencia Divorce : Self Help Divorce Services Now Online

Our Valencia divorce service (Serving all of California) is now provided online as well.

I have never been a proponent of the self-help divorce services. You know the ones where you pay a few hundred bucks, sometimes as little as $100 and they promise to help you complete your divorce for you?

The reason I never liked those types of services is because they left all the hard complicated process up to the person completing their own divorce and provided little if any explanation or instruction on how to properly process the divorce forms. This causes many people to end up hiring a company like ourselves to help complete the divorce case. So this meant people were just throwing away their money.

Our online divorce tutorials at California Divorce Tutor are different. This is because we have recorded the process of how to complete your Valencia divorce (serving all of California) step by step, every form with instructions that you can understand. Watch this video for more information.