Valencia Non-Attorney Divorces Exceed Those With Attorneys

Did you know that more that 60% of all divorce cases are completed without either party having an attorney for their divorce? It seems with all the stories we hear from our friends and our co-workers who all got screwed over by their attorney or spouse, we forget about all the people who decide not to go the route of hiring attorneys and find a more amicable way of doing things.

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The legal system is called the adversarial system for a reason. Attorneys being involved with your divorce immediately puts you at odds with your spouse. This is because of the very nature of an attorney by their oath having to do everything in your best interest and fight for your rights, while your spouse’s attorney is doing the exact same thing.

This is the exact opposite of compromising during your divorce which i discussed in the last article.

Look, there is a time for an attorney when going through a divorce. This is when one spouse is not honest, is hiding assets, closing accounts and doing things to the other party that are unethical or meant to hurt the other party. Unfortunately, you will need an attorney to fight for your rights in these circumstances.

But we are not talking about these types of divorce cases. We are talking about the more than 60% of divorce cases where people do not use an attorney and I will bet that many of the people that used and attorney actually did not need one in the first place, which would put the percentage of people who actually needed a divorce attorney even lower.

There are much better options than using an attorney for your divorce. Our clients go through our office and don’t need attorneys and don’t need to go to court. Please call us for a free consultation to see if we would be a good choice for helping you and your family through the divorce process in California.