Valencia Workouts Getting Serious With Survival Of The Fittest – Day 4

So it is only day 4 of working out.  Is that right?  Started Friday, worked out then, and Saturday, took Sunday off and again today.  Yep, just day 4.

I have to tell you that the whole diet thing is hard.  I do very well during the week when I am busy with work, etc., but the weekend proves challenging.

This past weekend I tried to stay busy, but no matter what I did, I would feel hungry.  I swear was saying, “When will the weekend be over?” lol.

Anyways, today is Monday and a holiday. My youngest did not have school, so i decided to sleep in a bit and hit the 8:30 personal training class at Ignition Fitness.  That went well, we did another 4 rounds of high rep weights after warning up.

But I have always liked to get strong.  So tonight, I went back to the gym and did a heavy, low-rep chest and triceps workout.  The personal training is good for the high intensity stuff so I can lose weight, but I still want to get strong.  I think the two will work out well.

Well, that is all for today, not a whole lot to report.

Talk to you tomorrow.