Van Nuys QDRO Prep Service Qualified Domestic Relations Order

Van Nuys QDRO Prep Service Qualified Domestic Relations Order

I want to talk to you about our QDRO Prep Service. This is Qualified Domestic Relation Order QDRO Prep.

So what we’re talking about here is if you’re going through a Divorce or when you’re going through a Divorce and if you have a pension like a City pension, a County pension, maybe a 401K 403 (b) even some IRAs, when you’re going to divide those the chances are in most cases you’re going to need to do what’s called a QDRO, Qualified Domestic Relations Order to officially divide your pension your 401K 403 (b) etc.

So what’s happened the pension usually in the past is always required a QDRO.

Now many 401Ks or any pension type like type systems or pension systems are going to require you to do what’s called a QDRO.

We do offer that as a service. If you’ve used our Divorce Service in Van Nuys for you to complete your complete case, you know, we’re probably also doing your QDRO.

But if you’ve used attorney maybe you’ve done your own Divorce case or something like that and now you’ve realized you need to do a QDRO for your pension we can certainly help you.

Now QDRO again is basically is just a document that brings your pension into the Divorce case.

We’ll notify the court that there’s a pension and vice versa we’ll notify the person that there is a Divorce going on and then the QDRO can be prepared and that’s the service that we can take care of for you.

Now the benefit of using our service is we’re a lot more cost-effective. So if you’re using an attorney you’re going to look up towards $1500-$2,000 per QDRO.

And our service is based on a flat fee pricing. So go and give us a call.

We’re about 1/3 of a cost of hiring an attorney for your QDRO. And it’s not necessary that you use an attorney for your QDRO.

So go ahead and give us a call. If you’ve used our service for your Divorce thank you. We’ll also take care of your QDRO and we’ll be talking to you about that as we finish up your case.

But if not I just want to let the folks know in the Van Nuys area that if in the Van Nuys court if your case was through Van Nuys that if you need a QDRO now that you have completed your case, you’re in the middle of your Divorce we can get the QDRO started for you at the most lower rate than hiring an attorney for your Qualified Domestic Relation Order.

For more information or just give me a call 661-281-0266.