Van Nuys Request For Order Service RFO Service In Van Nuys

Van Nuys Request For Order Service RFO Service In Van Nuys

Today, we’re talking Request For Orders, previously known as Order To Show Cost.

So Request For Order, that’s something you would use, it’s a tool you’d use or document rather court document that you’d use if you want to file a motion with the court to request some type of temporary orders.

Now we’ve been filing a ton of Request For Order Motions lately and I just want the folks know in Van Nuys area if you’re going through a Divorce in Van Nuys or considering filing for Divorce and it needs some type of temporary order we can help you prepare your Request For Order.

Now when you’re going through a Divorce more people don’t understand is once you file and serve and you’ve started going through that process there are no orders of the courts.

So there’s really nothing anyone has to do regarding the kids, alimony, child support. Without an order there’s nothing that anyone is you know obligated to do if you will.

So if everything is going well and everyone is doing what they should be doing and maintain this as growth financially and taking care of the kids there’s really no reason to file Request For Order.

However, when you need to get orders in place because you either want to protect yourself or maybe you’re not getting in cooperation with custody and visitation of your kids that’s something you can do through a Request For Order.

So this is a service we provide. And some examples would be if you’re not getting alimony when you’re going through a Divorce process you could use a Request For Order.

Also, for child support, child visitation and child custody just about anything you need temporary orders for you can request through a Request For Order with the courts.

The process is filling out through request for order form FL-300 followed by a declaration explaining to the court why the judge should make orders as you’re requesting.

Now your spouse having opportunity to respond and eventually go to a court date where you’ll speak your piece, your spouse will in kind do the same.

And the judge will then make an order based on what they feel as in the best interest of the parties.

So I just want to explain that if you need assistance with a Request For Order Motion, Order To Show Cost in the Van Nuys area or anywhere in California for that matter.

We do serve all of California but I did this video just for the folks who may need to file the motion in Van Nuys.

Feel free to give me a call 661-281-0266 and we’ll take care of that for you.