Will Same Sex Marriages Cause Divorce Boom

Will Same Sex Marriages Cause Divorce Boom

Today, we are talking about Gay Divorce rates. And the topic of, if you think there’s going to be a boom amongst folks that were gay and then who had married.

I was talking to an attorney over the weekend. And he seems to think that there is going to be a boom when it comes to Gay Divorce.

The reason being obviously is that we’re just–a lot of States have had the gay marriage going on for quite some time.

Some States are just getting on board. But as more and more gay people get married, the idea or the thought here is that there’s going to be more Divorce cases overall, both straight and gay Divorces.

We already have a high Divorce rate among married couples, husband and wife. And the idea here is that, are there going to be more Divorce cases because we have more married couples, gay or otherwise.

And I think is the answer is obviously, yes. I’ve read an article that I’m looking at now. And they’re basically saying, their title was Divorce rate remains steady despite same sex unions.

And I think what we’re going to see as people more of gay people becomes married we are going to see at least the same percentages of Divorces as we do in man and woman marriages.

I think it’s just we’re going to have more married people, so, more people are going to get Divorced.

I wonder what we’ll see in the years to come if there’s going to be more Divorce cases, as the Divorce rates going to be higher among same sex unions or is they’re going to follow along the same path as man and wife couples as far as the amount of Divorce cases or percentages of Divorces occurring in United States.

So only time will tell. I think that if I had to guess that the Divorce rate among same sex couples is going to be relatively the same of that of couples in man and wife marriages, but only time will tell.

There are only a few years in some cases in to same sex union. So we’re going to see what happens then.

But I don’t see any reasons why it should be more or any reason why there would be less Divorces among same sex union.

I’m just interested what people would have to say about that. We’re getting this out on our podcast and on our YouTube channel, we’re doing this simultaneously.

And I think it’s an interesting topic. I see that there’s lot of people that have talked about it.

Articles that have been written about same sex marriages. And what the Divorce rates are going to be, and or if it will be higher or lower than traditional married couples.

But I think time will tell. I was talking to as well over the weekend one of my cousins. And she knows that I’m in the Divorce business.

And she automatically assumed that there’s going to be some type of boom here in the near future. Whether that’d be one year or five years, we don’t know.

But I think as the marriages go on in same sex marriages, we’re going to eventually see the Divorce rates jump the percentages just because of the longer you’re married.

I’m not saying the longer your marriage, the more chances of getting Divorce.

But it’s a little bit of fact there if you – a lot people are getting through their marriages, three or four years, they’re talking about a famous gay couple who finally got married and waited a long time to do so.

And five short years later, they got Divorced. And so they’re just talking about is this going to be something we see.

I think it’s going to be the same percentages that we have in regular marriages. I don’t see why would it be higher, or, why would it be lower.

But again only time will tell.

Tim Blankenship, with Divorce661.com specializing in California Divorce and we’ve had handled several same sex Divorce cases.

Definitely not as many as traditional Divorce cases but we are starting to see them trickle in.

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Thanks for tuning in. And we’ll talk to you soon.