Would You Pay A Membership Fee To Access California Divorce Tutorials

Would You Pay A Membership Fee To Access California Divorce Tutorials

Today, I wanted to ask a question. We have been considering all the way back up. We are full service divorce document preparation firm, so, we do everything from start to finish.

We fill out the forms, go to court, file and serve them. Deal with the court system for you, so you can go on with your life.

You don’t have to worry about the process or procedure. But we do have people on occasion that call us.

And I know there’s probably thousands of people or tons of thousands of people in California who don’t want to pay our fees to do and to take care of their divorce in a full service capacity but would like the information provided to them where they could do it with themselves.

Now we have start over 300 videos as of this video in providing information, tips and tricks and things on how to get forms done when it comes to California divorce.

But you have to search for it. And you got to look for it. And each time you’re not going to know what’s going to be next and the system and the process and how to do this.

So you have to do a lot of researching, go to various sites, even though we have tons of informations on our blog at Divorce661.com and videos on YouTube.

So we’re considering coming up with a membership style website where you could log in either pay a one time fee or a monthly fee for the period of time you’re using the membership site.

Essentially, what this would do is you can log in and we would have where our YouTube videos you’d have to search for them individually with the membership site, they would be explained in a way where you can just go step by step.

So step one fill out the filing forms with the video explaining how to fill out each and every form done on a Screen Share.

While you’re watching it you can be literally filling out the forms as we’re talking you through the paperwork.

So we’re just wondering if people would use that type of service.

Would you consider paying a monthly fee to have access to all the forms as far as video tutorials on each and every form where it’s so convenient that you don’t have to worry about searching around or going to the court website and printing that forms.

We will provide that everything in a membership site. So I’d love to hear some feedback from you.

You need help with your Divorce, give us a call, but please this video is just before we spend some money on providing additional service for folks going through Divorce on their own in California, we want to hear this video out there.

And see what kind of feedback we get if you would pay a monthly fee or a one time fee or any fee at all to have access to video tutorials in a systemized fashion of filling out the Divorce process on your own as opposed to using our full service Divorce.