You Will Have Lots Of Questions About Divorce | Santa Clarita Divorce

If I had to describe what I do on a daily basis, I would say that I spend a huge amount of my day talking to clients and answering their questions about divorce.  Interestingly enough, I answer the same questions over and over again.

That is why I started blogging and writing articles about divorce.  So that I could provide a way to answer folks questions about divorce.  In fact, that is what i do on a daily basis.  Whenever I get a question that I don’t think I answered in my blogs, I will make sure to take the time to not only write an article about it and also do a YouTube video on the issue.

In fact, if you are on this site now because you had a question about divorce, make sure to search through this site.  I have written over 800 articles (as of this writing) about divorce.  I have also created over 120 videos and a bunch of Podcasts.

The idea here is to inform the public about how divorce works.  Despite the fact that there is a ton of information on the internet about divorce, it is written in a legalese fashion making it hard to understand.  Divorce attorneys have not figured out that they need to talk about divorce in plain English. Why say the word “Pleading” when you can just say “forms”.  It is much more understandable that way.

A good example of this is with the computer guy that was just at my office to “network” my computers.  I knew what that meant, but why not just say “connect the two computers together” so they can talk to each other?  I am sure there are just as many people out there that don’t speak “computer” as there are people who don’t speak “divorce”.

You will have lots of questions about divorce. Feel free to read our blogs and search our divorce information.  There is a lot of information you can learn from our sites.  And as always, you can always call us to get answers and help on divorce.

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