Changing Terms Of California Divorce Agreement Post-Divorce

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After a divorce is finalized, it is possible to change the terms of the agreement through a stipulation. This is an agreement made between the parties involved in the divorce that modifies the judgment. The stipulation can change any term of the agreement, such as spousal support, child support, custody, or property division.

The process of modifying the judgment through a stipulation is simple and can be done amicably. The parties involved in the divorce can agree on the changes they want to make, and a stipulation is drafted to reflect the modifications. The stipulation is then signed by both parties and filed with the court. The court will review the stipulation and, if approved, will issue a new court order reflecting the changes.

The stipulation process is usually completed within a few hours or a day, and the cost is minimal, usually around $20. However, the time it takes for the court to approve the stipulation can vary depending on the county. For example, San Diego County may take up to three months, while Los Angeles County can take about a week because they allow e-filing.

If the parties involved in the divorce cannot agree on the modifications, then a request for order must be filed, and the case will enter the court system. This process can take up to two months before a court hearing is scheduled.

It is important to note that not all modifications require a new court order. Parties should carefully consider whether a new court order is necessary before proceeding with a stipulation or request for order.