Equalize Your Pensions and 401K’s Instead of Dividing Them

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with Divorce661.com. And it can’t be talked about enough. I talk about it all the time in regards to equalizing your 401k’s and your pensions when you’re going through a divorce.

I keep getting calls where people have a marital settlement agreement where it says they are to divide 4,5, 6, 7, even 8, pensions and 401k’s. And that can be extremely costly to get someone to do that, even with our low cost and our flat fees.

You don’t want to To do a QDRO on eight pensions. Today There was three pensions and 401k’s and that were addressed in the marital settlement agreement to be divided. And in 12 seconds we figure out a way that two of them can be kept wholly and one can be used, the larger one can be used to equalize the amount that goes to the other spouse.

So look at that, as an option when going through divorce so you can save money in the end when you go to divide your pensions.