Our Palmdale | Lancaster Divorce Clients Say We Are Worth The Drive

We have a huge online marketing presence for our Palmdale divorce and Lancaster Divorce service.  We also have lots of clients who have come to us to help them with their divorce in Antelope Valley and file a lot of divorce cases with the Lancaster Court.

I think the reason so many people turn to us for our divorce service is because there is not a whole lot of options for help with your divorce in Palmdale or Lancaster.

Don’t get me wrong, there are options, but they are not good options.  Why do I say there are no good options.  Just check the reviews on Yelp.

Here are some of the terrible reviews for Lancaster and Palmdale divorce services.

Here is a 1 Star rating on Yelp – Reviewer said, “I recommend a different service!”

Here is a another 1 Star review on Yelp about another company regarding bad customer service

These were the only paralegal offices that even had a Yelp listing.  Look, you just can’t have bad service in a service industry.

But why do we say we are worth the drive?  Here is a little secret…  While we have plans to expand our service into the Palmdale / Lancaster area, our local office is located in Santa Clarita.

Here is great review on our divorce services

You would only have to come to our office once.  We can also prepare your divorce paperwork right over the phone if you don’t want to come to our office.

Yes, we get a lot of clients from Palmdale and Lancaster who have realized that we are the number one divorce document preparation service in Los Angeles County and we are worth the drive.

Why We Are Worth The Drive

  • Great Customer Service
  • Professional full time receptionist so your call is answered every time
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • We Specialize in Divorce
  • Get your divorce completed correctly, the first time

We work hard to provide a good experience to our divorcing clients.  We are not perfect and we do make mistakes on occasion. When that happens we step up and make it right.

To this day we have received nothing less than a 5 Start rating on Yelp and we are grateful.

So when I say we are worth the drive to get your divorce paperwork completed, I mean it.  Come on down and let the professionals handle your divorce.