Reseda CA Divorce Paralegal Service

Reseda CA Divorce Paralegal Service

Today we are talking to the folks in Reseda California in the San Fernando Valley.

We’re a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm specializing in divorce.

And in this article, I’m going to talk to you about why we are your best option for getting through your divorce. We’re going to help you through your entire case from start to finish for a low flat fee.

As I have stated, we are a licensed and bonded in the Los Angeles County area and we specialize only in divorce. We are full service firm, which means we’re going to care of your entire case from start to finish.

That means filling out the forms, take them down to court, filing them, serving them, all financial disclosures and preparing your final judgment because we are full service, we’ll also help you establish child support, spousal support, custody, visitation, everything you need to get through the divorce process.

It’s not just forms as people think it is. It’s much more difficult to get through the process on your own than it has been in the past and we have everything that you would need. Everything the courts have, everything the attorneys have to help you get through the process.

And because we are a full service, we’ll go down the court for you, file all your forms. This is something where you will be able to go on with your life and not have to think about the process, procedure, what I do next, we take care of all that.

The good news is also, you won’t have to do anything, you won’t have to go to court and we are less expensive than any online solution you may find. Some people look online and they find folks offering low cost prices online and I want to talk to you a little bit about that.

These online service providers basically lure you in with the low cost upfront but it doesn’t include any filing fees. None of the filing fees are included in there and what happens is you have to pay the filing fees twice when you use an online service or any other legal service out there because they’re not familiar with the process.

We specialize only in divorce. We understand the process. I’ve worked for the courts in the past. There’s a way to get through this with a single filing fee and we can save you money on your divorce.

And we’re going to do all the work.

So let me just give you a little bit of math here. If you use an online service provider and let’s say they charge you $300, and that sounds like a great price as they lure people in all the time on that.

You’re going to have to fill out a long questionnaire. They’re going to get the forms all sent to you in a single stack, and then you’re going to have to figure out what to do and read their twenty-page explanation on what to do next.

You’re going to have to go to court, file the forms, serve the forms, do all the work, you’re going to have the other party, in this case, your spouse, obviously, is going to have to do the same thing.

You’re going to have to go down, file a response, serve the papers on you. You guys are going to go back and forth through this – all the way through it. It’s not an easy process.

So you had your $300 fee, and you’re going to have to file $435 currently in LA County, and then, what the instructions will tell you to do is that your spouse has to file a response and pay another $435.

A lot of people do not know that they have to pay another fee. Now, your $870 plus the $300 now you’re at $1170 and you have to do all the work. I just want to make that clear.

You have to go down the court multiple times. File, serve, all that. You’ve already completed this long questionnaire. It’s a lot of work, and then you have to prepare your judgment. You have to make four, five copies of everything. It’s a big deal.

With us, we are less than the total cost, that $1170, we are less than that. We are going to do everything for you. We put in to thought every form there’s no questionnaires, nothing. You go on with your life, we take care of everything and it’s less than any other online service or paralegal service out there. So please give us a call.

Now, here in Reseda, our main office is in Valencia. You do not have to come to our office. We do a lot of what we do right over the phone. We have clients all throughout Los Angeles County, in fact, we have clients all throughout California.

Please give me a call. 661-281-0266. Go to our website, We have hundreds of videos, podcasts, tutorials, self-help videos. We even are on iTunes at divorce master radio and on Stitcher Radio. So, if you’re on to podcasting you can find us there. We’ve done some interviews and we talk a lot about the divorce process in California.

Please give me a call. We’d love to help you to your divorce process. 661-281-0266