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How To Serve Your Spouse Divorce Papers

Serving someone when going through a divorce is one of the problems people have when trying to do their own divorce.

Who are you going to bug?  Your neighbor, your daughter who’s an adult your adult son, another family member to serve your paperwork?

Remember, when going through the divorce process, even if you’re going through an amicable divorce, documents still have to be served and they cannot be served by the party filing or the party responding.

You have to have a third party doing the filing I’m sorry the serving.  So what I want to talk about in this video is when you use our service we also act as that third party to do all this serving.

Now when you hear the word serving you think someone’s going to go serve you or your spouse in person at work or at home and that’s not the case. When you use our service we utilize a portal called MyCase and that’s where we handle the transaction of the divorce process where we communicate with you and your spouse so everyone’s on the same page.

What we do is we use a form called notice of acknowledgment that we upload to the portal that we have the respondent sign. Because we’ve filed the case, we’ve uploaded the paperwork the file petition to the portal it’s then been received by both parties through the portal then we simply have that document called the notice of acknowledgment signed by the respondent.

And that’s as simple as serving can be when it comes to the divorce process