Six Month California Divorce Process Misunderstandings

The six month California divorce process has many misunderstandings. There are confusions the process of divorce, such as when you can file certain divorce paperwork to when the 6 months process starts. This article and video discusses the 6 month process of a California divorce.

Six Month California Divorce Process Misunderstandings

In this video, I wanted to dispel some myths regarding the 6 month period it takes to get divorced in California.

You Are Not Automatically Divorce In 6 Months

Number 1, you’re not automatically divorced in 6 months from when you file. A lot of people call and say Tim, I know divorce takes 6 months. 6 months is simply the soonest your divorce can be finalized after the date of service. The reason I bring that up is people file for divorce and say, I’ll be divorced in 6 months.

They don’t finalize their paperwork. They don’t do their judgment. They just file the petition and that’s not the way it works. There’s obviously multiple steps to get your divorce finalized. The 6 months starts at the date of service, so if you filed on March 1st and you didn’t serve your spouse until April 1st, the 6 months would start April 1st. That’s the 1st myth I wanted to dispel.

6 Months Is The Soonest, Not A Deadline To Finish

Number 2 is, aside from 6 months being the soonest, it’s also not a deadline. I’ve had clients call and say Tim, our case is taking a little longer than we thought. Some issues came up and the 6 months is right around the corner and we’re afraid we’re not going to meet the deadline. 6 months is also not a deadline.

You’ve got 5 years to complete your divorce in California. I’ve completed divorce cases as much as 25 years old, but the true law in California is you have 5 years to complete it, otherwise they can dismiss the case and they are starting to do that in some cases.

6 months is the soonest. It’s not a deadline and the clock starts when the divorce paperwork is served. Tim Blankenship, Hope you’re having a great day. We’ll talk to you soon.