We Prepare File and Serve Your Divorce Papers | Santa Clarita Divorce

Are you looking for a divorce service in Santa Clarita that can take care of your entire divorce?  We are just that company.  We take care of everything from preparing your forms to serving them and filing them with the court.

We are your one stop shop and full service divorce company serving all of Los Angeles County and centrally located in Santa Clarita.

There are divorce services online where all they do is send you the divorce forms.  You can order the divorce papers totally blank or you can use some automated document assembly to prepare your forms.

There are many problems with this.  There is nobody to review your documents before you have them printed.  I can’t tell you how many clients I have who came to me after using one of these online divorce services.  They basically just through away their money.

The next problem with this is that you are not aware of the court procedure on how to file and serve your divorce forms.  This is where people really have trouble.

The interesting thing is that we don’t charge that much more than these online companies charge and we provide so much more.  Our divorce service has such tremendous value.  Not to mention that we can save you $435 on the costs of filing your divorce when you use our service.

We are the only full service divorce company that will prepare, file and serve your divorce papers in Los Angeles County.  We operate just like a law firm does and prepare all the forms exactly the same way.  This way if you ever needed an attorney for some reason, most of your paperwork will already have been completed.

Give us a call to discuss your particular situation.  We will be happy to provide you with a free over the phone consultation.