Are There Any Good Divorce Attorneys In Santa Clarita

Are There Any Good Divorce Attorneys In Santa Clarita

I get asked this question from time to time.  People calling me, knowing that I am a neutral third party and don’t have anything vested in giving an answer to this question.

My answer is, “of course”.  Of course there are good lawyers in Santa Clarita.  In fact, we probably have some of the best attorneys in Los Angeles County.

I think the questions people should be asking is whether there are any attorneys that will represent them without stirring the post, so to speak.

You see, there are plenty of bulldog lawyers out there that will fight to the death for you.  And you will pay for it.  We don’t advocate that here.  We advocate for a compromised, uncontested and cooperative divorce process.

So when someone asks me if there are any good lawyers in Santa Clarita, my first question is, “why do you need a good lawyer in the first place”?

See, if you are asking for a good lawyer, that most likely means that your are already heading down a path of conflict, issues and plenty of attorney fees.

Here is an interesting thing about those that hire attorneys and want to crush their opponent. Once they start getting billed by their attorneys and really see how high the cost of having that “good attorney”, they quickly realize it may be better to settle than a drag out fight.  Because in the end of a drag out fight, nobody wins.

I have seen it a million times when I worked for a law firm.  A client comes in and wants slam their spouse.  Usually, because there is so much emotion and anger at first.  Then they start getting billed and realize that might not have been the best course of action.  Sometimes the bill they got from the law firm was the only thing to knock some sense into them so they will begin to work on the real issues of the divorce instead of the plan to insult and injure their spouse.

The only winners in these cases are the attorney involved.  Think about what your going to do to your family before you retain a divorce attorney.