California Full Service Divorce No Matter Where You Live

We are a full service California divorce firm and can handle your divorce case regardless of where you live in California. We work with all the California divorce courts and regardless of where you live, we can assist you.

Our main office is in Los Angeles County and we get calls all the time from people in other counties asking if we can assist them.  The answer is yes!  The California divorce process and divorce forms is uniform throughout California so there is no difference in what county we are filing your case.

We have filed in pretty much all the different counties in California.  I know for certain we have filed in all the major counties, but there are some few very small counties in northern California we may not of hit yet.

But how do we do this if you are not located near us?  Easy. We have a systematized process in place that allows us to prepare all your documents via phone, fax and email.  We file directly with your local court with our seamless process and would guess that about half of our business is done remotely without clients ever coming into our office.

Even folks that live nearby frequently ask to have us prepare their California divorce case via email because of their busy schedules. Sad that people are so busy they can’t even get divorced, but that is California for you.

If you are looking for an affordable easy solution to have your California divorce completed for you, please give us a call.  We do handle California divorce cases anywhere in California.