Can You Live Together During Your Santa Clarita Divorce?

Can You Live Together During Your Santa Clarita Divorce?

Not only can you live together during your divorce process, but many folks have to live together during the divorce process.

Some divorcing couples continue to live together even after they have agreed to the divorce.  In fact, a large majority of my clients continue to reside together throughout the entire divorce process.

It is not uncommon that the main reason behind continuing to live together even though they have decided to get divorced is money.  In most cases, the standard of living as far as housing is concerned probably will not be the same.  It’s just a numbers game.  Where you had two incomes to support the family unit, that same money essentially need to be spread across 2 households.  Plus, lets not forget that your incomes are not combined anymore.

Sometimes in contested cases, the date of separation can become an issue so staying together could have some risks for issues that are tied to the date of separation.  When you file for divorce, however you will be indicating the date of separation on your divorce forms.

Most spouses figure out a temporary living arrangement whether they continue to live together or not.  Whether this be sleeping on the couch or separate bedrooms, most people figure out a way to make it work at least until they are further along in the divorce process.

Sometimes there is a disagreement of who should move out of the family residence.  Determining who should stay and who should go is probably best determined by the spouses keeping in mind the welfare of the children, if any.  Other than that, any legal reasons  why one should stay or leave the home should be asked of an attorney.

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