Castaic Divorce Legal Service

Castaic Divorce Legal Service

If you live in Castaic and are looking for a fixed cost divorce legal service, look no further.  We are Los Angeles County’s only licensed and bonded legal document assistant firm specializing in providing direct to consumer divorce legal services.

What is a legal document assistant you ask?  Well, we were previously called independent paralegals, but now are officially known as legal document assistants.  We are only one of less than 600 in the entire County of Los Angeles and the only ones who specialize only in divorce.

Watch the below video for more information about our Castaic Divorce Legal Service.

We have years of experience in the divorce field which comes from a variety of sources.  We have worked in the Los Angeles County family law courts as well as major family law firms.  We also consistently volunteer out time in the self help clinics in and around Los Angeles County.  These experiences provide us with an unparalleled understanding of the divorce process both from a completion of forms perspective and divorce court procedure.

We have strong ties to the legal community through our affiliation with the Los Angeles County Bar Association, Santa Clarita Valley Bar Association and other legal associations.  This helps us to keep up to date with changes in the law and procedure as they effect the divorce process.

When you want to save on the high costs of getting a divorce, using our Castaic divorce legal service is exactly what you need.  We have a very streamlined process, most of which is done right online.  Because of the divorce process we have implemented we are able to have your initial divorce documents filed with the court within 24 hours.

Please give us a call so we can discuss how our Castaic divorce legal service is the best choice when you want to get a divorce but don’t want to hire an attorney.  We have helped hundreds of clients save money on their divorce.